Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Called StubHub and All I Got Was An Obama Speech, Refund Please!

Testing, testing. Sound check. Up the amps.

It was a sunny day in Berlin, Germany (what a difference sixty years makes), and a throng of youthfully exhuberant frauleins and their weiners, err, boyfriends, gathered in the square for a bit of frolic and good times. You see, OR DO YOU?......who doesn't enjoy an outdoor rock concert, replete with food, BEER, and people gazing. I would have attended but Lufthansa wasn't having a summer sale.

But wait!

Vat iz dees? Vee hear ze muzic, vee dance, vy iz diz man clapping heez hands on ze stage, and speaking to us?

Iz dees ze President of ze Americas? Nein? But, but, vee came for ze rock concert, some schnitzel and bratwurst, and a Lowenbrau.

Ohhhhhh, he iz ze new Kennedy. Vell, zen I vill listen, but I vant my muzik!!!!!!!!!!!

reality......The above is a feeble attempt to re-enact a day in the life of an unsuspecting Berliner and concert-goer, who was subjected to the grandiose and high falutin' speech of the self proclaimed messiah. What the media, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA media, did NOT tell us folks, is that the speech heard 'round the world was actually preceded and billed as a rock concert. Now, you true blue PUMAs will recall this tactic before. Oh, let's see, remember Portland, Oregon? Chrissie Matthews swooning yet again over the turn out of 75,000 supposed O supporters? NO, NO, NO!

A very popular indie band, The Decemberists, was THE ACT, and the O'gasmic one was part of the bill. Get the picture? Our MSM is once again fabricating the truth!!!!!!!!! Journalism is a science, science holds no room for error, punditry is our new journalism. A plus B = ? To seek the truth, the intelligent political consumer must now spend scads of time, researching verifiable sources, hoping to find the true reporters' eyewitness acccounts.

Enjoy the read. The public was duped once again by our mass(ively deceptive) media.

This makes Sen. McCain's appearance in the cheese aisle seem rather sweet.

Hillary? I'm ready for our shopping trip for Denver. We are definitely going to need high boots.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Tale of Two Shitties

And so we begin with the master of illusion's war torn descent into humvee land, 300 political advisors on his tail ( a wannabe president can never be sure when he needs to learn a thing or ten), and a basketball to show his cool demeanor under sniper fire in the green zone. The bowling ball and arugula were left behind. The righteous one, seer and soothsayer, predictor of world events from behind the coattails of the streets of Tony Rezko is now...drumroll...ON A WORLD TOUR. I wonder what his passport says with respect to country of birth. **anyone listening?** Katie, Charlie, Brian, the heavyweights of nightly news, gently tip-toeing agog and wow'ed by the experienced change agent venturing into HIS previously unchartered territory. Leader of the free world, espousing military wrongdoings and juxtaposition of errant policy making, without having seen the regions in peril. Why, yes! He truly possesses keen abilities to take on war, nuclear threats, ever present threats of global terrorism, all from the battlefields of his one meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Well, we know O is a quick study, after all, plagiarizing with a teleprompter is no small feat. We cut to footage of O making friends with the truly brave soldiers who want to believe that this masked man will be their saving grace. Battle cry all through the primaries : " I will withdraw the troops within 16 months of my inauguration." Flip: " It is essential to consult with the commanders on the ground before committing to a definitive timetable." Flip: " As commander-in-chief, I will be making the decision as to when we leave Iraq." Vertigo, to be sure.
Reference The Washington Post piece reported by Nedra Pickler of the AP, dated 7.15, exposing the revised O campaign website, which deleted all mention of the masterful one's assertion that the surge has been a colossal failure. After debunking the notion, crucifying Sen. McCain and our beloved, Sen. Clinton, O has come into the firing line of even his own left hardliners. The Surge Worked. Oh man of perfect judgment, shake your head, do your shoulder brush-off dance, your teflon coated days are numbered. You are there, you see it, the journalists are reporting it. The Surge Worked. And do you know what that means, O? YOU WERE WRONG!
You and your boytoy, D. Axelrod (noted below), were caught in your dichotomous web of lies once again. Here this, Mista, you're not qualified to lead this country, represent us in foreign nations, make policy decisions, nor cook for my Aunt Bessie.
O'Hare Airport. One way ticket.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

they're only words, and words are all i have to take your breath away

just words.

what a difference a day makes. it's been months. the grandiose dreamer with visions of doing what no president has accomplished before has exposed his chitown grooming parlor secrets. the fainting, the swooning with rapturous, idealistic stares, the "hope" that in our lifetime, a mortal so lofty could reach beyond the political landscape and bring salvation to all. a different kind of politics. no more backroom deals, lobbyists on the payroll, campaign donations of $5.00. just words. the bitter gun toters and religious zealots, well, no need to be offended by a quiet little speech given in san francisco. they were just words. he supports your gun ownership, he supports faith based initiatives, and if infanticide happens to be one of the few votes he actually took an interest in ( with an aye), well then, don't all righteous people believe that murdering the unborn who survive a late term abortion should be dumped in the red toxic waste bin? just words.
this is a new kind of politics. do we really want a third term of bush? well, that is what obama will deliver! fisa. enough said. keith-o, maybe you should stop your vendetta against bill-o, and rail against the man of your dreams for actually showing up and voting for wiretapping surveillance. oh, petunia made a boo boo. keith-o, anything obama can do, no one can do they can't, yes they can? no they can't. NO WE WON'T. hmm, campaign finances. well, my readers know the 180 kid's routine. "they love me, i can say anything without fear of reprisal. i am the untouchable. why, if they say meanie things, i'll have my surrogates cry racism." ah, feel better, oblahblah?

just words.
"i had a dream"
"ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"
"there is nothing to fear but fear itself"
"you're likeable enough, hillary"
"my white grandmother was scared when she saw a black man walking down the street"
"i barely knew tony rezko, william ayers, and all of the arab backers who funnel millions of dollars into my campaign
through an international account"
"i will bring change, out with the washington insiders"
"i will withdraw the troops from iraq within 16 months"
"i will defer to the commanders on the ground"
"i will be the commander-in-chief, and will make the decisions as to when we leave iraq"
..........just words..........conflictions, lack of conviction, hype with no substance self erection
"i can no more denounce rev. wright than..........."

just words.

words create euphoria. words harm. words lead the disenchanted into fantasyland. words move a duped public into believing that a jr. senator from illinois, who schemed his way into a position of power, and betrayed the very people who helped him in his adopted town of chicago, would be the ONE person who could effect CHANGE.

we have now seen eight, brave, delegates arise from the mire of pressure to switch their votes back to sen. hillary clinton. they now see that they have been "hearing", just words.

we need the fearless democrats of yore, to see through the words, regroup, place the rightful winner's name into nomination and have a roll call. let the state banners fly, let the delegates scream with ebullient joy, waving their pins, and cry out for the ONE CANDIDATE WHO WILL LEAD OUR NATION TO PEACE AND PROSPERITY, with SOLUTIONS......not words.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

petunia is humming an old song tonight. perhaps you recall glenn campbell (sorry, a lil corny)....
i'm taking artistic license to change the lyrics a teensy bit, to fit the occasion:

By the time we get to DENVER she'll be rising

She'll find the letters that the delegates read
She'll laugh when she reads the part that says NObama
Cause we love our girl and on P.U.M.A.s no one will tread.

i never reiterate the multitude of factual reasons for my stance with regard to HRC. my readers can peruse them on all of the exceptional sites and blogs. let it be said that i stand with over 2 million P.U.M.A Hillary voters, not including the silent majority. Did you read the keyword? STAND. we are not bending over to kiss the messiah's ring. we are not sitting idly by.
we are not reaching for an unattainable goal. we are not dancing to a different drummer who brings nothing but a hollow beat to the party. we are STANDING, in unison, and MARCHING to Denver, to SEAT our Hillary in her rightfully won place..........the oval office.


Gettin Funky With O or as we like to say, No Deal

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Friends With No Benefits

Somewhere, at some point, I read about the separation of church and state. In polite company, it is never wise to discuss religion or politics, unless you need to unload some friends. Whoever said you can't have too many friends, did not have too many friends.

This brings me to a disturbing event. I was meandering my way through boredom and reading clippings regarding the messiah. By now, frequent readers here know to whom I am referring. (Ok, maybe I don't have frequent readers.)

Innocently, I perused an article by Charles Krauthammer, a respected journalist who brought up the subject of that darned flag pin as worn (or not worn) by Sen. Obama. I deemed the piece worthy, and posted it to my Facebook page, that social web tool that has ruined my life. FYI, unlike some other people who crave notoriety even whilst sleeping, I am not tooting my horn when I say that I created the first P.U.M.A. page on FB. While I will not receive the Nobel, I am sufficiently proud to be a part of the movement that is countering the disgraceful practices of the Democratic Party by shouting loudly, Party Unity My Ass. Now, I have veered into oncoming traffic, so back to topic.......

Shortly after posting the NY Daily News article by CK, I remembered a familiar name who seemed to thrive on taunting me throughout the primaries. I won't mention his name, because he gets kicks, and kicks are not the reason I am here. This Facebook acquaintance responded to my posting, and then unbeknownst to me, took my words OUT OF CONTEXT, and proceeded to blog himself all over the sphere, using my image as the face of Hillary supporters everywhere, aka, EMBITTERED. I won't bore you with the inanity of his musings in his Newsweek blog, that apparently, anyone including my Aunt Tilly can blog on. Here it is, see for yourself: http://

Am I to assume, that anyone can be so blind to the call to arms as of late, the HRC doctrine that announces how fed up women are with misogynistic name calling, that the blogger innocently deemed me to be "embittered?" I am not recalling ever hearing that word utilized against a man. It connotes a female emotion borne out of anger. Well, let me tell you, Mr. Minister Blogger, we are ALL bitter. Not because the presumptive nominee won the primaries in a manner befitting fairness. We are ALL bitter because he was selected, awarded delegates for just being him, allowed to snub re-vote proposals in two crucial states where he KNEW he did not stand a chance in hell, played dirty pool with his rabble rousers in caucus states. WHAT PART OF THAT IS NOT TRANSPARENT? Bitter evokes the image of a sore loser. We are not losers. In a true democracy that has not been hijacked, we did not lose. Our nominee won the popular vote, and you can twist the rules any way that suits you, but don't dare me to bring up the millions of dollars of campaign money that was employed in the Fl and MI........illegal according to the grand poobah of heehaw, Howie Dean.

If you do not ascribe to the ideology of P.U.M.A, and you claim to have not decided on a candidate, then please.......

allow me to give you some unsolicited advice: MYOB. Whilst reading the blog of the assailant, I laughed heartily, especially when I read the criteria for assuming the Presidency. As I blog, I sit and wonder why ANYONE is allowed to do this, including lil petunia. And I am reminded by my mother's saying, "with friends like these, you don't need enemies."
Thank you to all the support I have received both published and messaged to me.

Thanks, mom. I'm listening.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Race for the White House

Well folks, here we go again ( I give credit to Pres. Reagan for that exasperated showing of frustration).

I seem to recall that the legacy of the two term, peace and prosperity President named Bill Clinton, was called into question by the same people and media who supported him with vigor in a previous incarnation. The mention of the messiah ( heretofore known as Sen. Obama) and the Rev. Jesse Jackson in one sentence is not allowed. Our Bill did not know that....nor did I. This created a wave of epithets and accusations that culminated in the re-branding of the "first black President" ( Bill) as a RACIST. The MSM ate that up and spit him out. Of course, if the messiah was not running for the highest office in the land, Pres. Clinton would still be revered and remembered as one of our finest. Now let's go back to another infamous twist of words. Oh, I do love the pundits and liars ( I think those words are synonymous) who take a factual statement and spin it until it fits their own schematics. SHAME! In discussing Martin Luther King Jr. on the event of his passing oh so many years ago, Sen. Hillary Clinton mentioned that the ideology and amazing civil rights activism of MLK was put into LAW by then President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Well, heavens to Betsy! ( who the hell is Besty)....isn't Hillary's statement true? The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray unless you have someone in authority to get the damned legislation signed! But OH NO.....Hillary joined the ranks of Bill, and was deemed a racist, too. Please, let's ignore the multitude of years that the Clintons served as the voice of the African American people. I do declare that Pres. Clinton received an overwhelming number of black votes in his two presidential victories. Did they suddenly become racists?

Well, The Los Angeles Times, has once again written a piece that is worthy of attention. Yes, even those in la la land can see the truth. Ahnold has definitely been an asset!,0,1432772,full.story

So, Senator Oblahblah, you continue to pretend that you transcend race while you're busy flopping around looking for a stance on anything, but WE know you are merely playing the race card. First one to open the doors of San Quentin to our voting felons, gets the PUMA prize..............NO DEAL.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wesley or Wellesley........That is the Question

Seriously, no, SERIOUSLY ( pardon me, Grey's Anatomy)......
We now have the military general and former devotee of HRC on tape, DENOUNCING AND REJECTING a true war hero's suffering. First, I dealt with Gov. Corzine (NJ), who first offered scads of moolah to pay for a re-vote. You remember those, right? THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS TO VOTE IN ELECTIONS. ahem. After counting the billions in his pockets, the Govna said he would support BO if Sen. HRC didn't secure the nomination. Let me clarify for anyone who hasn't read, seen, or written the news. NO ONE secured the nomination. I proceed.........
And the turncoats kept revolving....the ever cute Congresswoman Deb Wasserman Schultz from the great state of Florida, hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLORIDA....that place where DEMOCRACY LOST ITS NAME, well, she was ALL over the MSM throwing around her new BO love. Ok, I detected a small mascara smear around airtime, but SERIOUSLY, WHERE IS THE LOYALTY? I mean, are there cabinet posts en masse in Che Guevara's regime?
It didn't stop there, but no, no, no. NOT HIM! My vivid memory recalls Gen. Clark sitting in the audience of one of the 22 debates, applauding, encouraging, and showing UNITY for Hillary. Why, he was even in the running for veep. Et tu, Wesley? Now, not only have you said sayonara to the rightful heir who WON the throne, but you are DISSING a fellow combat hero.
Sen. McCain, how DO you grin and bear it? Hypocrisy be thy name.