Sunday, July 6, 2008

Friends With No Benefits

Somewhere, at some point, I read about the separation of church and state. In polite company, it is never wise to discuss religion or politics, unless you need to unload some friends. Whoever said you can't have too many friends, did not have too many friends.

This brings me to a disturbing event. I was meandering my way through boredom and reading clippings regarding the messiah. By now, frequent readers here know to whom I am referring. (Ok, maybe I don't have frequent readers.)

Innocently, I perused an article by Charles Krauthammer, a respected journalist who brought up the subject of that darned flag pin as worn (or not worn) by Sen. Obama. I deemed the piece worthy, and posted it to my Facebook page, that social web tool that has ruined my life. FYI, unlike some other people who crave notoriety even whilst sleeping, I am not tooting my horn when I say that I created the first P.U.M.A. page on FB. While I will not receive the Nobel, I am sufficiently proud to be a part of the movement that is countering the disgraceful practices of the Democratic Party by shouting loudly, Party Unity My Ass. Now, I have veered into oncoming traffic, so back to topic.......

Shortly after posting the NY Daily News article by CK, I remembered a familiar name who seemed to thrive on taunting me throughout the primaries. I won't mention his name, because he gets kicks, and kicks are not the reason I am here. This Facebook acquaintance responded to my posting, and then unbeknownst to me, took my words OUT OF CONTEXT, and proceeded to blog himself all over the sphere, using my image as the face of Hillary supporters everywhere, aka, EMBITTERED. I won't bore you with the inanity of his musings in his Newsweek blog, that apparently, anyone including my Aunt Tilly can blog on. Here it is, see for yourself: http://

Am I to assume, that anyone can be so blind to the call to arms as of late, the HRC doctrine that announces how fed up women are with misogynistic name calling, that the blogger innocently deemed me to be "embittered?" I am not recalling ever hearing that word utilized against a man. It connotes a female emotion borne out of anger. Well, let me tell you, Mr. Minister Blogger, we are ALL bitter. Not because the presumptive nominee won the primaries in a manner befitting fairness. We are ALL bitter because he was selected, awarded delegates for just being him, allowed to snub re-vote proposals in two crucial states where he KNEW he did not stand a chance in hell, played dirty pool with his rabble rousers in caucus states. WHAT PART OF THAT IS NOT TRANSPARENT? Bitter evokes the image of a sore loser. We are not losers. In a true democracy that has not been hijacked, we did not lose. Our nominee won the popular vote, and you can twist the rules any way that suits you, but don't dare me to bring up the millions of dollars of campaign money that was employed in the Fl and MI........illegal according to the grand poobah of heehaw, Howie Dean.

If you do not ascribe to the ideology of P.U.M.A, and you claim to have not decided on a candidate, then please.......

allow me to give you some unsolicited advice: MYOB. Whilst reading the blog of the assailant, I laughed heartily, especially when I read the criteria for assuming the Presidency. As I blog, I sit and wonder why ANYONE is allowed to do this, including lil petunia. And I am reminded by my mother's saying, "with friends like these, you don't need enemies."
Thank you to all the support I have received both published and messaged to me.

Thanks, mom. I'm listening.

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Ted said...

Well, it’s either gonna be McCain/Palin or …

Barack Obama starring as “Change” the Gardener in remake of movie classic, “Being There”, starring Peter Sellers as “Chance” the Gardener!

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