Thursday, July 3, 2008

Race for the White House

Well folks, here we go again ( I give credit to Pres. Reagan for that exasperated showing of frustration).

I seem to recall that the legacy of the two term, peace and prosperity President named Bill Clinton, was called into question by the same people and media who supported him with vigor in a previous incarnation. The mention of the messiah ( heretofore known as Sen. Obama) and the Rev. Jesse Jackson in one sentence is not allowed. Our Bill did not know that....nor did I. This created a wave of epithets and accusations that culminated in the re-branding of the "first black President" ( Bill) as a RACIST. The MSM ate that up and spit him out. Of course, if the messiah was not running for the highest office in the land, Pres. Clinton would still be revered and remembered as one of our finest. Now let's go back to another infamous twist of words. Oh, I do love the pundits and liars ( I think those words are synonymous) who take a factual statement and spin it until it fits their own schematics. SHAME! In discussing Martin Luther King Jr. on the event of his passing oh so many years ago, Sen. Hillary Clinton mentioned that the ideology and amazing civil rights activism of MLK was put into LAW by then President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Well, heavens to Betsy! ( who the hell is Besty)....isn't Hillary's statement true? The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray unless you have someone in authority to get the damned legislation signed! But OH NO.....Hillary joined the ranks of Bill, and was deemed a racist, too. Please, let's ignore the multitude of years that the Clintons served as the voice of the African American people. I do declare that Pres. Clinton received an overwhelming number of black votes in his two presidential victories. Did they suddenly become racists?

Well, The Los Angeles Times, has once again written a piece that is worthy of attention. Yes, even those in la la land can see the truth. Ahnold has definitely been an asset!,0,1432772,full.story

So, Senator Oblahblah, you continue to pretend that you transcend race while you're busy flopping around looking for a stance on anything, but WE know you are merely playing the race card. First one to open the doors of San Quentin to our voting felons, gets the PUMA prize..............NO DEAL.


JayT said...

Now, with Barack H. Christ changing his tune on so many things that got him nominated, it will be interesting to see how the media which propped him up handle it.

I guess it will be like: "Senator McCain removed his white hood at a press conference today to criticize..."

Best wishes, Petunia. : )

Ted said...

What about PUMA's for PALIN?

Ted said...

Check this out --

petunia politik said...

Ted, we hear that Alaska's loss would be McCain's gain. PUMAs are of different ideologies with regard to voting republican, writing Hillary in, going Indy, or staying home. I, for one, will most assuredly be checking out Palin. Thanks!