Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wesley or Wellesley........That is the Question

Seriously, no, SERIOUSLY ( pardon me, Grey's Anatomy)......
We now have the military general and former devotee of HRC on tape, DENOUNCING AND REJECTING a true war hero's suffering. First, I dealt with Gov. Corzine (NJ), who first offered scads of moolah to pay for a re-vote. You remember those, right? THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS TO VOTE IN ELECTIONS. ahem. After counting the billions in his pockets, the Govna said he would support BO if Sen. HRC didn't secure the nomination. Let me clarify for anyone who hasn't read, seen, or written the news. NO ONE secured the nomination. I proceed.........
And the turncoats kept revolving....the ever cute Congresswoman Deb Wasserman Schultz from the great state of Florida, hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLORIDA....that place where DEMOCRACY LOST ITS NAME, well, she was ALL over the MSM throwing around her new BO love. Ok, I detected a small mascara smear around airtime, but SERIOUSLY, WHERE IS THE LOYALTY? I mean, are there cabinet posts en masse in Che Guevara's regime?
It didn't stop there, but no, no, no. NOT HIM! My vivid memory recalls Gen. Clark sitting in the audience of one of the 22 debates, applauding, encouraging, and showing UNITY for Hillary. Why, he was even in the running for veep. Et tu, Wesley? Now, not only have you said sayonara to the rightful heir who WON the throne, but you are DISSING a fellow combat hero.
Sen. McCain, how DO you grin and bear it? Hypocrisy be thy name.

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