Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's About The Children, Stupid!

Still grappling with the continuing accusations of racism which I addressed on my last post, I had the misfortune of stumbling onto a piece that made me quiver. I fear for our children in the larger sense, since we have irrevocably entered a new world where mind control has combined with the loss of free speech. I think of education reform under a , G-d forbid, Obama administration, and what comes to mind is the ideology of William Ayers and *his* notion of education, which generally proselytizes dissidence and rebellion. Since we already have iron clad proof of the relationship between the messiah and Ayers, is this scenario that far-fetched?

Witness this story in a local Florida paper which outlines the plight of a little girl who dared to support Gov. Sarah Palin. To be called a racist at her tender age, is to set her up for a lifetime of insecurity.

We must defeat the menace to society next Tuesday....for the sake of OUR CHILDREN.

Ashleigh Jones got a lot more than she bargained for when she recently donned a "Go, Sarah, Go" T-shirt and wore it to school. The twelve-year-old Florida native was called a racist by her classmates at New Smyrna Beach Middle School. Jones had volunteered with the local Republicans, who gave her the pink T-shirt supporting VP candidate Sarah Palin, which she proudly wore to school. Jones contends that because she is white her classmates called her racist because she was promoting the white candidate. I'm sorry -- that's just plain stupid. If that were the case then all of us would be racists as ALL the candidates, up until now, have been white! The seventh grader was clearly only exercising her right to her opinion.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Race Cards Are Not Accepted In This Establishment

I know I'm preaching to the choir here but this is D-Day, and it's no holds barred week. As if we all haven't researched and reviewed the enormous amount of evidence implicating Obama in any number of nefarious acts with unsavory alliances, we are still hounded by cries of "racist!" Am I a man hater if I choose to not vote for George W. Bush? Am I a misogynist because I would never vote for Claire McCaskill? Could it be possible that I base my votes on the character, experience, and ability of the candidate? We have entered a "No Fly Zone" in the land of Obamamania. To utter one sound that could be deemed as negative when referring to his lordship, is to be accused of RACISM. PUMAs and others can recite a litany of legitimate reasons why he is not worthy of leading the free world, yet the race card is played to the hilt.

Well, today I have decided, and I apologize to my many friends of color, size, and persuasion, that I am a racist. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. The Obama campaign has determined that we who oppose his candidacy also dislike African American people. Since I have no liberal white guilt, I suppose I will take the assignation of "racist", embrace it, and the next time I am tempted to send money to Darfur, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, Katrina victims, etc., I will simply stop myself and remember, I am a racist. I guess the $56k that my son and I raised for Hurricane Katrina victims, ( who were in large measure, black) was because we didn't care.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy, Peppy, and Bursting with Joy aka Life with Obama!


We don't have the luxury of dwelling on social issues in this time of crisis, both foreign and domestic. Tell your friends, drive people to the polls, phone bank and knock on doors, post flyers. Go to for instructions and suggestions. Our country's landscape is about to change to one we will no longer recognize. Use your rights as an American citizen for this is NO time to be apathetic and resigned. This is nearing the economy of 1929 coupled with constant terrorist chatter. We simply cannot afford a man with unscrupulous ties and an unknown background running the helm.
Turn off MSNBC and CNN. Do not believe the polls.
Brainwashing occurs when you LET it in.
If you convince one undecided voter per day, you have increased the odds of electing McCain/Palin. In case you didn't know, they say, God Bless America.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prairie Fire, The Modern Day Marxist Manifesto, Penned by W. Ayers, Friend of B. Obama

By now I hope you have had the opportunity to study the six degrees of separation between Barack Obama and William Ayers, American terrorist. You will find a comprehensive review that is worthy of the Library of Congress at our mother site, Just Say No Deal. A fellow unrepentant PUMA who keeps a rather low profile, innocuously led me to a Marxist like manifesto that is as hard to obtain as the fountain of youth. These writings are penned by four extremists, two being, William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. As a child of the 60's, albeit a very young one, I recall the turbulence and tumult that adorned our nightly news shows, replete with civil unrest, kidnappings by radical factions, and bombings of our own landmarks. Even as a young girl, I knew the name of William Ayers, therefore I find it totally implausible that Obama was unaware of his reputation upon working with and befriending him. When you view these writings in their terrifying entirety, you may have the same reaction as I did. This is the comrade, co-worker, and possible mentor of the man who aspires to be the next President of the United States of less than two weeks. Add a pinch of Reverend Wright, Father Pfleger, Auchi, Khalid, Soros, Pritzker, Franklin Raines and a host of assorted characters, and one can ascertain that you would not invite these people for Thanksgiving dinner, let alone elect someone with their ideologies.

Set aside a bit of time to absorb various passages from, "Prairie Fire - The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism. Political Statement of The Weather Underground.

When you have completed your reading, pray for our country.

Floridian Jews, America Needs You for the Sake of Humanity!

Calling all Florida Jews!

You left NY and NJ for palm trees, palmetto bugs, and endless days of sunshine, golf and mah jong. Your ancestors were obliterated by the millions by a regime that was led by a dynamic orator who had the frightening ability to sway millions. You or your parents migrated to the land of the free, home of the brave, landed on Ellis Island and worked day and night to create your comfortable lifestyles. You never asked for welfare, you never complained about the lousy hand your brethren had been dealt. You had/have a work ethic that created personal success that you generously shared with your children, so that they would never know the suffering of previous generations. You go to temple and worship our G-d who has deemed Jews, the Chosen. There are times I wonder if that label is beneficial because it has certainly seemed as if we have been "chosen" to bear a heavy burden. Through it all, you (we) have survived with dignity and assimilated ourselves into a society that was not always so welcoming. Again, no one complained, or asked for reparations.

Fast forward to present day America.

We are now facing a crisis of epic proportions. Floridians have endured an electoral nightmare in 2000, and the abandonment of the Democratic Party in 2008. You have been told that your votes will not count in the primaries and that your delegates will not be seated. Do you recall exactly when the DNC rules were made by you? Well, they weren't. Did you know that Barack Obama did not want a re-vote, did not want your delegates seated at the convention, and ONLY changed his mind after the corrupt DNC officials took out an 18/8 silver platter and gave him the delegates that Hillary
Clinton won? Florida, get out of the heat and get into the air conditioning! Do you see a parallel between Nazi Germany and the emergence of the Obama party? Well, if you don't, I know a good cataract surgeon for you! You are being railroaded, lied to, shellacked, hoodwinked, and led to believe that Obama is on YOUR side. Let me be clear. He has traveled to the Middle East and spoken to both the Palestinians and the Israeli's. He has told each one that he is supporting them. See the hypocrisy? I'll bet many of you have relatives in the land of milk and honey. Would you like the President of our "free" country to be receiving millions of campaign donations from arab extremists? No? Well, he is. His associates, and they are well documented to be so, are all openly anti-semitic. Does this matter to you, or can you overlook that because your liberal white guilt thinks it's time for a black man to hold the highest office in the land. It's time for a woman, too, but not just any woman, and not just any black american. Obama is the wrong choice and all of the freedoms that you and/or your ancestors suffered for will be kaput if he is allowed to hold the reigns of office. Did you ever think America would embrace Socialism or Marxism as its core principles? When you vote, remember how you got here and why you are here, and how you OWE it to our ancestors to keep America the free Capitalist country that it is. I'll let Pamela give you some more "plain speak." And by the way folks, Sarah Silverman isn't even Jewish, so don't take your cues from her! Florida, your votes are crucial to keeping America free from tyranny. Ignore your big shot kids, and elect John McCain, friend of Israel and best friend of Joe Lieberman, as opposed to William Ayers (home grown terrorist).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jesse Jackson Says: Watch out Jews, O is Comin' For Ya

I am going to be very clear with this post. We PUMA's have risked ridicule, harassment, and threats of bodily harm in order to put COUNTRY FIRST. I believe that we are all at the end of our rope with what we are witnessing, first with the fraudulent Dem nomination and now with the biased and ACORN rigged election. However, we continue to fight with words, phone banking, ground work, and spreading the truth.
The NY Post article that I am citing here has rocked me to my core. Why this? Well, EVERYTHING about "the messiah" gives me that "apocalyptic" feeling, but to read the words of Jesse "Hymie town" Jackson, extolling the joys of a suppressed Israel in front of a foreign audience, is just the tip of the iceberg that will sink our country, Titanic II. Jackson explains what an Obama presidency will look like, righting the wrongs done to the "innocent" people of Palestine whilst punishing Israel for wanting their country to live in peace without fear of decimation. It clearly states in one of Obama's books ( most likely written by William Ayers) that Obama will stand with the Muslims should the tides turn. Gee, call me ignorant, but how blatant do the comments have to be for people to wake up? Jackson further discusses his pal Obama's plans to have tea and crumpets with Ahmedinijhad, with no preconditions, after all...the choir boy will listen to a fellow Muslim.
I am going to state for those who have any notions otherwise, that I have no deep hatred for the Muslim people. I do have disdain for those who are terrorists or take money from them, and those who PRETEND to be something other than what they are in the interests of blind ambition and political expediency. Mr. Obama, put simply, is a menace to society, OUR society.
I urge you to read Jackson's warning for the State of Israel. As a jew, though non-religious, I recognize the implications of this.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dumb and Dumber! Howard Stern Reveals O'Racism

With a high percentage of African American citizens planning to vote for the messiah, it's rather apparent that race is playing a huge part in this election, despite the denials of the Dems. Since sexism continues to be business as usual with daily attacks on Palin, (hey, Hillary is towing the line..can't blame her!), one would think that racism would be acknowledged, in the reverse. You see, it is just as racist to vote for a candidate based on his/her color as it is NOT to. So the brilliant shock jock, Howard Stern, takes to the streets of Harlem in his quest to prove that racism is alive and well in 2008, as well as monumental stupidity!

You're going to either laugh or cry, or both. View and listen with caution!

Bet you didn't know that Stern is a P.U.M.A, but he has been for as long as we've been:)

Hey, Little Girl, Forget the Candy. Here's a Ballot!

Sometimes I wonder about the disparity between eighteen year olds being old enough to defend our freedom in a war zone versus having to be twenty one before those same kids can legally drink alcohol. We now have a new and *fabulous* treat for the younger set. Get your sippy cups and animal crackers ready! If you are at least SEVEN years old, it seems ACORN, better known as, CORRUPT VOTER REGISTRARS TRAINED, AIDED, ABETTED, AND FUNDED BY OBAMA, has a voter ballot at the kindergarten near you!!!!!!

In recent days, we who represent P.U.M.A and the Just Say No Deal coalition, have been shouting "NUTS" from the rooftops of our blogs. The media is awakening from their self induced coma. With that said, here is the reportage that ousts the latest find tied to Sen.Obama's pet project. Hey, at least this time, they didn't try to hand in Tony Romo's name as a registrant. He's got enough trouble trying to get those Cowboys down the field.

Please click for the latest crime:


As a democrat about to turn and vote republican, I ask you.....don't you miss those silly little diebold machine problems? Poppycock comparatively, donchya think? I wonder if they're registering dogs now, after all, dogs (like children) are very intuitive and would most assuredly use their paws to pull the lever for McPalin.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

October Surprise Leads to November Demise

I am going to let this video do all the talking.
We coalition of P.U.M.A forces are aware of the bravery of one, Philip Berg, Esquire.

Now, listen and watch, for THIS will NOT disappear. If youtube removes it, I have a spare:) We will not give up, We laugh at the polls, We will NEVER capitulate to tyranny. Impeachment is too late. Spread the word now!

We the people, will not allow our constitution to be violated by the SELECTION of our next President who has not met the legal qualifications for said position.

P.U.M.A's have very sharp teeth. Deal with it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mac(Palin) the Knife!

Bravissimo, fair maiden! You've taken the lashings of a biased and shameless media lynching, and scoffed at the very ridiculousness of it all. Three pointers, down-to-earth homespun affability, jabs with a smile. Sarah, you brought your A game, and we thank you, you smiling shark, you!

Cue the music:

Oh the shark, babe, has such teeth dear, and she shows them, pearly white..(creative license for gender changing:)


Look out old MacPalie's back in town!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Manson Children and Obama

I recall the turbulence of days gone by. I was rather young when hippies were en vogue, but I was always fascinated by the free spirited nature of it all. Just my opinion, but I believe that the lure of living that so called carefree existence ended when Charlie Manson and his girls murdered Sharon Tate ( wife of film director Roman Polanski), and several others in a mansion located in the hills of California. The vision of a perfect life surrounded by beaches and temperate weather, stars and glamor, were nullified in a premeditated murdering spree replete with blood smeared walls and epithets of hate emblazoned throughout the house. Charlie Manson was not a member of a community, rather he was a drifter, floating through life surviving on cigarettes. However, Charlie ( who is still alive and eating three meals a day in the penitentiary) was an "organizer." With a personality that his followers would describe as "dynamic", he brainwashed a band of females into worshiping him as their idol and convincing them that he was their messiah. These girls, for they were really too young to be considered women, believed his every word, hoped to be his favorite, and changed their normal existences to accommodate his every whim. Some of you may recall the most infamous of the bunch, Squeaky Fromme, who till this day, visits Mr. Manson in prison. His power over her was so embellished in her psyche, that years after the Tate murders, Squeaky attempted to assassinate President Ford. Underestimating the power of suggestion from someone with evil intent is a dangerous move, and I have only illustrated one example of such.
Lest you P.U.M.A's have missed this latest hit video, allow me to enlighten you with a prime example of our newest brain washer extraordinaire, Barack Obama.

Frightening and reminiscent of some other notable "leaders" who perfected the art of persuasion and mind control. Jim Jones had HIS followers literally drink the kool aid and go to their deaths, whilst the Hitler youth fell prey to the propaganda of one of the most evil men in world history. I am not equating Obama with a murderer in the literal sense, but think about it....isn't losing ones free will the death of our very spirit?

Are we the ones we've been waiting for? I don't know about you, but George Orwell was a bit early in his prediction. Vote McPalin....change can be good, if WE decide what the change will be.