Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey, Little Girl, Forget the Candy. Here's a Ballot!

Sometimes I wonder about the disparity between eighteen year olds being old enough to defend our freedom in a war zone versus having to be twenty one before those same kids can legally drink alcohol. We now have a new and *fabulous* treat for the younger set. Get your sippy cups and animal crackers ready! If you are at least SEVEN years old, it seems ACORN, better known as, CORRUPT VOTER REGISTRARS TRAINED, AIDED, ABETTED, AND FUNDED BY OBAMA, has a voter ballot at the kindergarten near you!!!!!!

In recent days, we who represent P.U.M.A and the Just Say No Deal coalition, have been shouting "NUTS" from the rooftops of our blogs. The media is awakening from their self induced coma. With that said, here is the reportage that ousts the latest find tied to Sen.Obama's pet project. Hey, at least this time, they didn't try to hand in Tony Romo's name as a registrant. He's got enough trouble trying to get those Cowboys down the field.

Please click for the latest crime:


As a democrat about to turn and vote republican, I ask you.....don't you miss those silly little diebold machine problems? Poppycock comparatively, donchya think? I wonder if they're registering dogs now, after all, dogs (like children) are very intuitive and would most assuredly use their paws to pull the lever for McPalin.

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