Monday, October 13, 2008

Dumb and Dumber! Howard Stern Reveals O'Racism

With a high percentage of African American citizens planning to vote for the messiah, it's rather apparent that race is playing a huge part in this election, despite the denials of the Dems. Since sexism continues to be business as usual with daily attacks on Palin, (hey, Hillary is towing the line..can't blame her!), one would think that racism would be acknowledged, in the reverse. You see, it is just as racist to vote for a candidate based on his/her color as it is NOT to. So the brilliant shock jock, Howard Stern, takes to the streets of Harlem in his quest to prove that racism is alive and well in 2008, as well as monumental stupidity!

You're going to either laugh or cry, or both. View and listen with caution!

Bet you didn't know that Stern is a P.U.M.A, but he has been for as long as we've been:)

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