Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jesse Jackson Says: Watch out Jews, O is Comin' For Ya

I am going to be very clear with this post. We PUMA's have risked ridicule, harassment, and threats of bodily harm in order to put COUNTRY FIRST. I believe that we are all at the end of our rope with what we are witnessing, first with the fraudulent Dem nomination and now with the biased and ACORN rigged election. However, we continue to fight with words, phone banking, ground work, and spreading the truth.
The NY Post article that I am citing here has rocked me to my core. Why this? Well, EVERYTHING about "the messiah" gives me that "apocalyptic" feeling, but to read the words of Jesse "Hymie town" Jackson, extolling the joys of a suppressed Israel in front of a foreign audience, is just the tip of the iceberg that will sink our country, Titanic II. Jackson explains what an Obama presidency will look like, righting the wrongs done to the "innocent" people of Palestine whilst punishing Israel for wanting their country to live in peace without fear of decimation. It clearly states in one of Obama's books ( most likely written by William Ayers) that Obama will stand with the Muslims should the tides turn. Gee, call me ignorant, but how blatant do the comments have to be for people to wake up? Jackson further discusses his pal Obama's plans to have tea and crumpets with Ahmedinijhad, with no preconditions, after all...the choir boy will listen to a fellow Muslim.
I am going to state for those who have any notions otherwise, that I have no deep hatred for the Muslim people. I do have disdain for those who are terrorists or take money from them, and those who PRETEND to be something other than what they are in the interests of blind ambition and political expediency. Mr. Obama, put simply, is a menace to society, OUR society.
I urge you to read Jackson's warning for the State of Israel. As a jew, though non-religious, I recognize the implications of this.

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Back Bay Style said...

Hello, I just found my way to your blog from hireheels. It is so nice that this community really cars about d and sista. I was raised in a Catholic familly outside Boston, and I am constantly astounded at how many of my Jewish friends wholeheartedly support Obama. Your "jesse" post is a big wake up call. I hope some are listening.