Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Floridian Jews, America Needs You for the Sake of Humanity!

Calling all Florida Jews!

You left NY and NJ for palm trees, palmetto bugs, and endless days of sunshine, golf and mah jong. Your ancestors were obliterated by the millions by a regime that was led by a dynamic orator who had the frightening ability to sway millions. You or your parents migrated to the land of the free, home of the brave, landed on Ellis Island and worked day and night to create your comfortable lifestyles. You never asked for welfare, you never complained about the lousy hand your brethren had been dealt. You had/have a work ethic that created personal success that you generously shared with your children, so that they would never know the suffering of previous generations. You go to temple and worship our G-d who has deemed Jews, the Chosen. There are times I wonder if that label is beneficial because it has certainly seemed as if we have been "chosen" to bear a heavy burden. Through it all, you (we) have survived with dignity and assimilated ourselves into a society that was not always so welcoming. Again, no one complained, or asked for reparations.

Fast forward to present day America.

We are now facing a crisis of epic proportions. Floridians have endured an electoral nightmare in 2000, and the abandonment of the Democratic Party in 2008. You have been told that your votes will not count in the primaries and that your delegates will not be seated. Do you recall exactly when the DNC rules were made by you? Well, they weren't. Did you know that Barack Obama did not want a re-vote, did not want your delegates seated at the convention, and ONLY changed his mind after the corrupt DNC officials took out an 18/8 silver platter and gave him the delegates that Hillary
Clinton won? Florida, get out of the heat and get into the air conditioning! Do you see a parallel between Nazi Germany and the emergence of the Obama party? Well, if you don't, I know a good cataract surgeon for you! You are being railroaded, lied to, shellacked, hoodwinked, and led to believe that Obama is on YOUR side. Let me be clear. He has traveled to the Middle East and spoken to both the Palestinians and the Israeli's. He has told each one that he is supporting them. See the hypocrisy? I'll bet many of you have relatives in the land of milk and honey. Would you like the President of our "free" country to be receiving millions of campaign donations from arab extremists? No? Well, he is. His associates, and they are well documented to be so, are all openly anti-semitic. Does this matter to you, or can you overlook that because your liberal white guilt thinks it's time for a black man to hold the highest office in the land. It's time for a woman, too, but not just any woman, and not just any black american. Obama is the wrong choice and all of the freedoms that you and/or your ancestors suffered for will be kaput if he is allowed to hold the reigns of office. Did you ever think America would embrace Socialism or Marxism as its core principles? When you vote, remember how you got here and why you are here, and how you OWE it to our ancestors to keep America the free Capitalist country that it is. I'll let Pamela give you some more "plain speak." And by the way folks, Sarah Silverman isn't even Jewish, so don't take your cues from her! Florida, your votes are crucial to keeping America free from tyranny. Ignore your big shot kids, and elect John McCain, friend of Israel and best friend of Joe Lieberman, as opposed to William Ayers (home grown terrorist).

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