Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Promises and Lies - The First 100 Days

It is a rare night that could prompt me to contribute to the ratings of MSNBC's lineup of fawning fraud worshipers, but somehow I found myself riveted to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with sexist-host, David (Chelsea is pimping for her mom) Shuster. What caught my senses was a compassionate tone, lacking his usual sarcasm. It might as well have been his wife he was interviewing but in actuality, he was commiserating with a NYC firefighter who lost his firefighter son in an act of heroism on 9/11. The full interview can be viewed above. Sure, nothing new, right? Ho hum to some? Another 9/11 story of anguish, as if it can be diminished. However, this was not another tale of tragedy, rather the hero's father spoke of the Puppet-in-Chief's broken promise to the 9/11 families. All of his campaign promises have been shattered ( the sheep deserve to be led to the slaughter), but this man, this empty shell of a confused, narcissistic man who wants to be king had held court very recently in the WH, with selected members of the victims' families. You might recall my tribute to one of the most tireless 9/11 family advocates, Beverly Eckertwho died this past February in a Buffalo, NY plane crash. It had been just a week of two before her tragic ending that she had met with the "that one" to discuss the security concerns that have plagued many of us since he took his mighty sword and lowered our national defenses. The families were met with false pathos and the following statement was issued, "Obama met with the relatives of 9/11 victims and the 17 sailors killed in the bombing of the USS Cole this afternoon - promising them he "would get quick justice" despite plans to close the Guantanamo Bay prison." The rest can be read here. Since then, with the decision to close Gitmo a done deal, the usurper and his chief coward Atty. General Eric Holder have given orders to transfer two or more of the enemy combatants, one being the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing, to a prison in ALEXANDRIA, VA...hello?, a residential neighborhood with a luxury hotel just steps away. I'm sure we can all rest easy now. More promises, Mr. Terrorist Lover?

Back to topic. Remembering the words uttered to the grief stricken, and eight years later knowing that ground zero is still nothing more than a gaping hole in the ground due to the bureaucracy of bullshit, the 9/11 families reached out once more. Here is the transcript as broadcasted:
SHUSTER: Welcome back to 1600. today, the White House focused on the war against al Qaeda. But for weeks, we‘ve been telling you about the hallowed grounds related to that war, Ground Zero in New York City. Nearly eight years after the 9/11 attacks, the site remains a symbol of bureaucratic bungling, delay and surrender.

The site remains mostly a big hole. And while some work has been done on the proposed Freedom Tower base, the entire plan is one that most 9/11 families detest. Last night on this show, several 9/11 families pleaded with President Obama to get involved. They want the president to take a tour of the site and look at some models for an alternative plan that city officials refuse to consider, a plan that would stop the Freedom Towers, and rebuild the Twin Towers, instead, taller, stronger, and safer.

We promised to follow up with the Obama White House. We have. After all, the president has repeatedly spoken about the importance of his office tackling the tough issues and making decisions. Today, NBC‘s Chuck Todd tried to help us get an answer about Ground Zero at the White House press briefing. Chuck posed the crucial question to spokesman Robert Gibbs.

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: -- had asked the president to get involved with the rebuilding at Ground Zero.

ROBERT GIBBS, WHITE HOUSE SPOKESMAN: I will check on that. That is not on my stuff either. I will have somebody work on that.

SHUSTER: This afternoon, we continue to follow up the White House. Late this afternoon, we received this statement from White House Spokesman Bill Burton. Quote, “from the first days of this administration, we‘ve had an open dialogue with the 9/11 families and the families of the victims of the USS Coal attack. We‘re familiar with their concerns and are willing to discuss them. But it appears that this is an issue that should be resolved by state and local government officials.”

Blown off, not his problem, take this up with your local officials.
Perhaps he is too busy counting the millions that he has allotted for the terrorist sympathizing Palestinians to resettle in our neighborhoods and schools.

Just when I tried to breathe...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sleepness Nights and 9/11 Truths

NWO. 9/11. Trilateral Commission. No, no more clues. Take the time and watch these broadcasts. Let me know how betrayed you feel when you're done. Everything I have researched and yet denied to myself...is here. Am I obsessed with the attack on our homeland? Affirmative. We all need to be. Where's Jack Bauer when you need him?

Watch live video from Conspiracy Films v2.0 on Justin.tv

Note: There are many videos on this one channel. I have posted the link under the video above which will direct you to justin.tv. Of special note is the 9/11 series, 1-11, documentaries that are too plausible to deny.

I do not believe in fear mongering, though our fraud-in-chief has certainly changed his tune from hopey changey to be afraid, be very afraid. However, we must dig deep, we must not be caught unaware, not this time.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kyle The Joo Saves The Economy



The metaphors contained within this comedic brilliance are pure South Park.
A little levity is needed during our time of crisis.
Enjoy and feel free to leave a review.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Chai Hopes

Rather than blathering endlessly about my "pet peeve" also known as the resurgence of widespread, blatant antisemitism, I'm going to let the following do the dirty work.

"With his bold message to Iran’s leaders, President Obama achieved four things essential to any rapprochement.

He abandoned regime change as an American goal. He shelved the so-called military option. He buried a carrot-and-sticks approach viewed with contempt by Iranians as fit only for donkeys. And he placed Iran’s nuclear program within “the full range of issues before us.”

By doing so, Obama made it almost inevitable that one of the defining strategic issues of his presidency will be a painful but necessary redefinition of America’s relations with Israel as differences over Iran sharpen. I will return to that below.

The innovations in the president’s Persian New Year, or Nowruz, overture to Tehran were remarkable. He referred twice to “the Islamic Republic of Iran,” a formulation long shunned, and said that republic, no other, should “take its rightful place in the community of nations.” Here was explicit American acceptance of Iran’s 30-year-old clerical revolution.

He said establishing constructive ties would “not be advanced by threats,” a retreat from his own campaign position that the military option must always remain on the table. Instead he offered “mutual respect.”

I was in Iran in January and February. The visit convinced me that confrontational American high-handedness has been a disaster; that facile analogies between the Iranian regime and the Nazis dishonor six million victims of the Holocaust; that the regime’s provocative rhetoric masks essential pragmatism; and that the best way to help a young, stability-favoring population toward the reform they seek is through engagement.

Obama has now taken all the steps I called for then. The policy changes emerged from an interagency review of the failed Iranian policy of recent years. The shift demanded courage.

One of the people involved in the review told me he had been bombarded by warnings from Israel and Sunni Arab states that engagement with Iran would lead nowhere. Of course they would say that; any Iran breakthrough will shake up current cozy U.S. relationships from Jerusalem to Riyadh.

Obama’s overture represented a victory not only over such lobbying but also over officials’ favoring tightened sanctions or delaying any American initiative until after Iran’s June presidential election.

The hard part has just begun.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, responded to Obama with a scathing speech at the country’s holiest shrine in Mashad, recalling every past U.S. misdeed, describing prerevolutionary Iran as “a field for the Americans to graze in,” and demanding concrete steps — like a lifting of sanctions — rather than words.

View all that as an opening gambit. Khamenei also quieted the crowd when it began its ritual “Death to America” chant and he said this: “We’re not emotional when it comes to our important matters. We make decisions by calculation.”

That’s right: the mullahs are anything but mad. Calculation will demand that Iran take Obama seriously.

The country’s oil revenue has plunged, its economy is in a mess, its oil and gas installations are aging. It has deepening interests in a stable Iraq and an Afghanistan free of Taliban rule. Its nuclear program involves a measure of brinkmanship that must be carefully managed. Khamenei’s essential role is conservative — the preservation of the revolution. He can only be radical up to a point.

Iran’s apparent inclination to take up a U.S. invitation to attend a conference on Afghanistan later this month may be more significant than Khamenei’s words. In any event, overcoming a 30-year impasse will take time and consistency.

The clock is ticking — and Obama’s will not be the same as that of Israel’s prime minister designate, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Already divergent U.S. and Israeli approaches to Iran were evident in Israeli President Shimon Peres’s coupling of his own Nowruz address to the Iranian people (not its leaders) with a statement predicting that they would rise up and topple “a handful of religious fanatics.”

A senior Israeli official told me Iran has 1,000 kilos of low-enriched uranium and will have 500 more within six months, enough to make a bomb. It could then opt for one of three courses.

Rush for a bomb by shredding the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, adapting its centrifuges and producing enough highly enriched uranium within a year.

Move the process to a secret site, in which case getting a bomb would take longer, perhaps two years.

Or continue making low-enriched uranium so that “it would have enough for 10 bombs if it decides to rush at a later stage.”

And where, I asked, is Israel’s red line? “Once they get to 1,500 kilos, nonproliferation is dead,” he said. And so? “It’s established that when a country that does not accept Israel’s existence has such a program, we will intervene.”

I think there’s some bluster in this. Israel does not want Obama to talk, talk, talk, so it’s suggesting military action could happen in 2009, within nine months.

Still, this much is clear to me: Obama’s new Middle Eastern diplomacy and engagement will involve reining in Israeli bellicosity and a probable cooling of U.S.-Israeli relations. It’s about time. America’s Israel-can-do-no-wrong policy has been disastrous, not least for Israel’s long-term security."

This piece of trash was penned by a Mr. Cohen (Jewish?) in the March 23 edition of the NY Times, or more succinctly, the newspaper that has become nothing more than radical left wing trash. I was reared on this rag when it was something to admire. Learning in journalism class how to fold the monstrous paper into three parts for easier viewing. Why, if you wrote for the NYT, you were on your way to a Pulitzer. Sadly, the closest I've come to a Pulitzer is dating the grandson (sorry Justin).
All throughout the primaries we who read this drivel, suffered through Maureen Dowd's pounding of Hillary and orgasmic delight in all things BO. Reems of paper were filled with so-called journalists fawning over the second coming, ignoring the fact that New York's own Senator was Hillary Clinton, front runner in the Dem campaign.
But this, this has me further floored. In a city dubbed Hymietown, lest you've forgotten, that was uttered by the fabulous Rev. Jesse Jackson (it's ok to bash the Jews, very little reverberation there), one would imagine that such anti-Israeli crap would be scorned. What am I thinking. Everything old is new again! It's fashionable once more to hate Jews, insist that the United States stop its alliance with Israel, and bring a "terrorist" home for lunch. To those who refuse to equate the hatred of Israel to antisemitism, I say, bullshit.

Here, educate thyself...a taste of hatred, the acceptable kind.

Good old Louis Farrakhan, an eager endorser of our Resident, uttered the following at that time:
"A storm of protest erupted, and Jackson at first denied the remarks, then accused Jews of conspiring to defeat him. The Nation of Islam's radical leader Louis Farrakhan, an aggressive anti-Semite and old Jackson ally, made a difficult situation worse by threatening Coleman in a radio broadcast and issuing a public warning to Jews, made in Jackson's presence: "If you harm this brother [Jackson], it will be the last one you harm."

Like I said, everything old is new again. Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jihad Jargon

Oops, she did it again. In accordance with our new Resident-in-Chief's code words for a fairer America, our beloved Chief of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, has scorned Merriam Webster's definition of "people using planes to take down buildings", better known as terrorists. Well, we can't have such inflammatory language regardless of the body bags and atrocities.
Dear Readers: Please note. Henceforth, all acts of naughtiness by foreign and domestic individuals or groups shall be now classified as "man-caused disasters." Let us understand the genesis of this lexicon. If a female naughty girl straps a bomb to her body and detonates it in the middle of Wrigley Field, this cannot be called a "man-caused disaster," for the obvious gender reasons. This is something I hope Ms. Napolitano can address. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and other weather related catastrophic events are "natural disasters." Allow yourselves to understand the difference. To review, we have "man-caused" and "natural" disasters.
Moving along, I just have a small issue with our change of verbiage from Terrorists to "man-caused disasters." After all, the latter seems almost...benign. From a personal standpoint, I was unfortunate enough to witness the horror of 9/11 from my window and then experience it in my heart. The enveloping fear that ensued was unspeakable and surrounded those directly affected for some time, perhaps still lingering. Post traumatic stress disorder gripped many. To plan, plot, coordinate, synchronize, pray to Allah for seventy virgins to await you after you complete your "disaster" in the name of hatred for what you consider to be Satanic America, resulting in the unspeakable deaths of almost three thousand innocent civilians is only described adequately by one word, terrorism.
During the campaign of our chief fraud, he was oft consulting his teleprompter where upon he read the following, "Words Matter." Yes they do, O'fraud, yes they do. When you suffer so deeply, watching men and women hurling themselves out of fiery buildings, storming cockpits, making one last call to say goodbye to your loved ones, sorry buddy...those are NOT the results of a "man-caused disaster." Terror, in the hearts and minds of the innocents. Softening the lingo will not deprogram those who are indoctrinated to hate Americans. We are, and have been, trying to thwart the never ending chatter that is a result of the War on Terror. Period.
Sixty one days in office, and YOU, Resident-in Chief, have ordered Gitmo closed, whilst the Attorney General, "Coward" Holder is considering releasing some detainees onto the streets of our great country. Not the prisons, the streets! These detainees were found on battlefields, they are or were enemy combatants, not check out clerks at Wal-Mart. What the hell is going on here, oh muslim raised Resident?
In an interview for Spiegel Online, a German publication, Secty. Napolitano
attempts to explain this change of lingo, sounding like the incompetent fool that she was trying to secure the borders as the former Governor of Arizona.
SPIEGEL: "Madame Secretary, in your first testimony to the US Congress as Homeland Security Secretary you never mentioned the word "terrorism." Does Islamist terrorism suddenly no longer pose a threat to your country?"

Napolitano: "Of course it does. I presume there is always a threat from terrorism. In my speech, although I did not use the word "terrorism," I referred to "man-caused" disasters. That is perhaps only a nuance, but it demonstrates that we want to move away from the politics of fear toward a policy of being prepared for all risks that can occur."
Someone please explain that gibberish to me. If we are still referring to Islamic Jihad, what other risks does she have in mind?

The astute journalist of Speigel further questions her:
SPIEGEL: "You would like the German authorities to share personal data of terrorism suspects, such as fingerprinting and DNA?"

Napolitano: "That is exactly right. We will also want to share some experiences with counter-radicalization, how the radicalization of young Muslims in our countries can be prevented."

SPIEGEL: "Europe has a problem with just such people, young Muslims who grew up in the West and are still susceptible to radical messages. The terrorists responsible for the July 2005 attacks in London are an example."

Napolitano: "In some ways, the problem in Europe is greater than in the United States. But the questions are the same. How do you identify a youth who is susceptible to becoming radicalized? How do you work with that youth, his family and community to give them alternatives to radicalization?"

As I pop another tranquilizer, let us review. We as a nation will now develop a social program, perhaps hire psychologists who work with troubled youth, to explore the minds of the younger demographic who might have a propensity for creating a "man-caused disaster."
Is anyone listening? Suicide bombers are no different than the kamikaze pilots of World War II. They want to die for their cause, they will not be analyzed on plush, leather couches.
We blog to vent. We blog to be read. We blog because somewhere inside of all of us lies the seemingly impossible notion that our rational words will matter.

I lived through 9/11. No one can tell me they are not terrorists.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Come One And All To The Think Tank

It all begins with one collective ideology. The movement is born, suckling and gaining cognitive ability with each passing day. Within every courageous group of citizenry, there lies a select few whose dissidence is palpable, whose willingness to find solutions is paramount, and whose commitment to open discourse is a necessity. Such a group has been formulated by one of the best, for all of the best, and with the knowledge that the foundation of our beloved country was based on principles that are no longer adhered to. We have been swimming in murky waters for many a year, only to reach the pinnacle of greed, corruption, and a change of course that can not be accepted by we the people.
Returning to a timeless format whereby ordinary folks discussed extraordinary concepts for the betterment of the largesse, the creator of Oh, My Valve has designed a town hall, round table discussion via blog format, where ideas can be bandied about, news can be disseminated, and an assembly of bloggers will utilize their knowledge and heartfelt beliefs to bring forth plausible answers to the debacle that we are now facing in our country. Please join us at City Tavern where the irrepressible Shtuey serves as your guide through the muck and mire of the current state of affairs. Leave a comment, we're open twenty-four hours.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

When Evil Hurts

Been awhile. Did you ever feel overwhelmed with negativity, allowing it to permeate every thought and deed? Well good people, I'm in that zone, thanks to my fear and loathing in the northeast corridor. (h/t to Hunter Thompson.) Though I've been on facebook, continuing to rail against the swift demise of the beloved U.S.A. due to Hussein and his henchmen, even amongst my friends there with like mindset, I'm feeling despair. As so many of us did, I put my very hard earned bucks and time into a woman who moved me like no other political force before. Currently, and the jury is still deliberating, I am disheartened with her stance on issues that affect me deeply ( Middle East) and I am not ready to give her a pass to the next round.
I have no yearning for notoriety nor blog awards, and never started this journey with accolades in mind. I can't say the same for one or two other PUMAs who remind me of Hussein with their narcissistic behavior stemming from their desire to be worshiped.
This has always been about righting the wrong, and when that failed, informing the uninformed.
After some serious contemplation, rather than look for news to break or repeat the same tired mantra over and over ( sorry bloggers, h/t's without asking permission is tantamount to you needing a topic, nothing more), I'm taking a break from anger. I will still be devouring and absorbing our collective hell, but I will be one less person repeating what we are all saying...for now. My mood, plainly, sucks, and a good measure of it is attributable to the helplessness and despair I feel watching world events unfold. I will return hopefully, possibly soon, but it won't be to glorify our Secty of State. She'd have to backtrack ten-fold in order for me to stop regretting my devotion to her.

When your idol falters, your core being comes into question. That's where I am now.

Side note: Au Terrific, I owe you an answer, and I'm going to deliver on that. Thanks for your patience.

To the rest of the REAL Pumas who have done this without the need for a fan group or Huffington Post nod, I really love you. You are the groundswell that created us. We are still here, and every one of us makes a difference.