Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Come One And All To The Think Tank

It all begins with one collective ideology. The movement is born, suckling and gaining cognitive ability with each passing day. Within every courageous group of citizenry, there lies a select few whose dissidence is palpable, whose willingness to find solutions is paramount, and whose commitment to open discourse is a necessity. Such a group has been formulated by one of the best, for all of the best, and with the knowledge that the foundation of our beloved country was based on principles that are no longer adhered to. We have been swimming in murky waters for many a year, only to reach the pinnacle of greed, corruption, and a change of course that can not be accepted by we the people.
Returning to a timeless format whereby ordinary folks discussed extraordinary concepts for the betterment of the largesse, the creator of Oh, My Valve has designed a town hall, round table discussion via blog format, where ideas can be bandied about, news can be disseminated, and an assembly of bloggers will utilize their knowledge and heartfelt beliefs to bring forth plausible answers to the debacle that we are now facing in our country. Please join us at City Tavern where the irrepressible Shtuey serves as your guide through the muck and mire of the current state of affairs. Leave a comment, we're open twenty-four hours.


navyvet48 said...

Thank you...I had forgot to advertise the new blog with all the crap bambi started with disabled veterans. Good to see you back. I hope things are getting better because you are in my prayers...

petunia politik said...

ty, you always provide encouragement when it's most needed. things are static, hoping for a miracle. not many in sight these days. i'll just be coming and going sporadically in between fretting and flipping out:)
stay strong!