Monday, October 27, 2008

Race Cards Are Not Accepted In This Establishment

I know I'm preaching to the choir here but this is D-Day, and it's no holds barred week. As if we all haven't researched and reviewed the enormous amount of evidence implicating Obama in any number of nefarious acts with unsavory alliances, we are still hounded by cries of "racist!" Am I a man hater if I choose to not vote for George W. Bush? Am I a misogynist because I would never vote for Claire McCaskill? Could it be possible that I base my votes on the character, experience, and ability of the candidate? We have entered a "No Fly Zone" in the land of Obamamania. To utter one sound that could be deemed as negative when referring to his lordship, is to be accused of RACISM. PUMAs and others can recite a litany of legitimate reasons why he is not worthy of leading the free world, yet the race card is played to the hilt.

Well, today I have decided, and I apologize to my many friends of color, size, and persuasion, that I am a racist. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. The Obama campaign has determined that we who oppose his candidacy also dislike African American people. Since I have no liberal white guilt, I suppose I will take the assignation of "racist", embrace it, and the next time I am tempted to send money to Darfur, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, Katrina victims, etc., I will simply stop myself and remember, I am a racist. I guess the $56k that my son and I raised for Hurricane Katrina victims, ( who were in large measure, black) was because we didn't care.


Drawlines Blog said...

It's hard to deny you have a point!

If you don't support Obama, you must be a racist.

Well, that's asinine, but if you must bare the title, nobody can act surprised when you utilize the advantages of being able to say whatever you think and feel.

We can't afford to lose this election. Hillary sent me to tell you that.

susancarroll said...

I've often thought that Obama may be using up the race card finally and for everybody. Does that card work any more? Probably not. Over use. Hi can I use my race card here? Nope. HI Do you take the Race Card at this establishment? Not since that Barack guy used it all up. YES I SAID ALL. There is a saturation point and a dissolution point. Can't seem to find the effect so much any more. Odinga though lost appeared to forge an office through violence. I seem to remember reading that the team Ayres-Obama had agreed that there were aprox. 25 million despensible us citizens if they could not be indoctrinated. I guess in fairness that 'seems' fair if he is trying to do something for the masses. Hope you're on the wright side of that cutting board. peace. susan

TexasDemocrat said...

You have an excellent point. I have observed the same thing-- kneejerk attacks on anyone who does not support Obama as racist. I've worked with the NAACP and done other civil rights work for over 20 years and campaigned extensively for black Democrats. Yet I can't count the times I've been called racist because I don't support Obama. I've been called racist by people that I have worked side-by-side with in the Democratic party for years, on black and white candidates' campaigns, and by people who know nothing about me except that I'm a democrat and I don't support Obama. My preacher even said that a Democrat who does not vote for Obama is not a christian.
Many Obama supporters have a visceral hatred toward democrats who don't support Obama, far more viscious than their dislike of republicans. I have never seen such a divide, a split, or such hatred within the democratic party as Obama's campaign has created.
Not all Obama supporters are intolerant of other opinions. I think most of the hostility originated with those who idolize the person Obama as opposed to support of poltical politices. However, attacking all who question Obama seems to now be characteristic of the campaign.
I have also tired of fighting it. I prefer to call myself a neo-racist, which can now be defined as anyone who does not support, or criticizes, or questions Obama's qualification to be president.
Perhaps there's another word that we should all be more concerned about these days and that word is "fascism". Fascism is defined as total intolerance for opinions or views that differ from the views of those in power. I just hope that the attacks on those with opposing views, which has permeated the Obama campaign, does not become characteristic of the U.S. if Obama wins.
Neo-racist Civil Rights Advocate

petunia politik said...

We, who err on the side of DECENCY, number in the millions despite how we are portrayed by the MSM and Obama's sheep. Then again, those two are intermingled and void of reasoning abilities. Sadly, I have been stripped of my own liberal views based on the divisive tactics of the O campaign. Suddenly, our persona's are unrecognizable to ourselves, but I'm beginning to like it. "Neo-racist"...has a certain je ne sais quoi. For all of us who have been staunchly democratic in our beliefs that the underprivileged need to be cared for, we have been thrown under that familiar bus by those very same people. I am so proud to be an American, despite the seemingly millions who choose to believe that we aren't worthy anymore thanks to the rhetoric of some guy from who knows where.

Boowitch13 said...

Hang in there. A big PUMA POWER hug to all.