Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Manson Children and Obama

I recall the turbulence of days gone by. I was rather young when hippies were en vogue, but I was always fascinated by the free spirited nature of it all. Just my opinion, but I believe that the lure of living that so called carefree existence ended when Charlie Manson and his girls murdered Sharon Tate ( wife of film director Roman Polanski), and several others in a mansion located in the hills of California. The vision of a perfect life surrounded by beaches and temperate weather, stars and glamor, were nullified in a premeditated murdering spree replete with blood smeared walls and epithets of hate emblazoned throughout the house. Charlie Manson was not a member of a community, rather he was a drifter, floating through life surviving on cigarettes. However, Charlie ( who is still alive and eating three meals a day in the penitentiary) was an "organizer." With a personality that his followers would describe as "dynamic", he brainwashed a band of females into worshiping him as their idol and convincing them that he was their messiah. These girls, for they were really too young to be considered women, believed his every word, hoped to be his favorite, and changed their normal existences to accommodate his every whim. Some of you may recall the most infamous of the bunch, Squeaky Fromme, who till this day, visits Mr. Manson in prison. His power over her was so embellished in her psyche, that years after the Tate murders, Squeaky attempted to assassinate President Ford. Underestimating the power of suggestion from someone with evil intent is a dangerous move, and I have only illustrated one example of such.
Lest you P.U.M.A's have missed this latest hit video, allow me to enlighten you with a prime example of our newest brain washer extraordinaire, Barack Obama.

Frightening and reminiscent of some other notable "leaders" who perfected the art of persuasion and mind control. Jim Jones had HIS followers literally drink the kool aid and go to their deaths, whilst the Hitler youth fell prey to the propaganda of one of the most evil men in world history. I am not equating Obama with a murderer in the literal sense, but think about it....isn't losing ones free will the death of our very spirit?

Are we the ones we've been waiting for? I don't know about you, but George Orwell was a bit early in his prediction. Vote McPalin....change can be good, if WE decide what the change will be.


Anonymous said...

the most disturbing part of this is that they try to make this seem like it is a spontaneous neighborhood singalong... where major sound engineers, producers and cinematographers are there too... i saw the names somewhere, i dont remember where, but if you look at the motion control on the video and the quality of the shot, you can tell... that is like a $20,000 camera... and those mics... ridiculous. Those mics are not "home studio" quality. That is stuff you find in major recording studios.

so, we not only have the exploitation of kids for political purposes, but this was actually pre-planned in a major major way. They put ALOT of effort into this.

Friggin scary.

Karen said...

You want scary? I have been tracked down via my home IP
and been threatened for posting "non-positive" comments about
Obama. That's freaking scary. Add to that the fact that I
have had my car keyed and the mirrors smashed.
So much for "hope" and "tolerance".
I am going door knocking to support Palin and am connecting
with Hillary supporters. There is no way I am going to let
the MSM steal this election.
The BORGs are beyond frightening. They have to lose,
and they have to lose big.