Monday, July 7, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

petunia is humming an old song tonight. perhaps you recall glenn campbell (sorry, a lil corny)....
i'm taking artistic license to change the lyrics a teensy bit, to fit the occasion:

By the time we get to DENVER she'll be rising

She'll find the letters that the delegates read
She'll laugh when she reads the part that says NObama
Cause we love our girl and on P.U.M.A.s no one will tread.

i never reiterate the multitude of factual reasons for my stance with regard to HRC. my readers can peruse them on all of the exceptional sites and blogs. let it be said that i stand with over 2 million P.U.M.A Hillary voters, not including the silent majority. Did you read the keyword? STAND. we are not bending over to kiss the messiah's ring. we are not sitting idly by.
we are not reaching for an unattainable goal. we are not dancing to a different drummer who brings nothing but a hollow beat to the party. we are STANDING, in unison, and MARCHING to Denver, to SEAT our Hillary in her rightfully won place..........the oval office.


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