Wednesday, July 16, 2008

they're only words, and words are all i have to take your breath away

just words.

what a difference a day makes. it's been months. the grandiose dreamer with visions of doing what no president has accomplished before has exposed his chitown grooming parlor secrets. the fainting, the swooning with rapturous, idealistic stares, the "hope" that in our lifetime, a mortal so lofty could reach beyond the political landscape and bring salvation to all. a different kind of politics. no more backroom deals, lobbyists on the payroll, campaign donations of $5.00. just words. the bitter gun toters and religious zealots, well, no need to be offended by a quiet little speech given in san francisco. they were just words. he supports your gun ownership, he supports faith based initiatives, and if infanticide happens to be one of the few votes he actually took an interest in ( with an aye), well then, don't all righteous people believe that murdering the unborn who survive a late term abortion should be dumped in the red toxic waste bin? just words.
this is a new kind of politics. do we really want a third term of bush? well, that is what obama will deliver! fisa. enough said. keith-o, maybe you should stop your vendetta against bill-o, and rail against the man of your dreams for actually showing up and voting for wiretapping surveillance. oh, petunia made a boo boo. keith-o, anything obama can do, no one can do they can't, yes they can? no they can't. NO WE WON'T. hmm, campaign finances. well, my readers know the 180 kid's routine. "they love me, i can say anything without fear of reprisal. i am the untouchable. why, if they say meanie things, i'll have my surrogates cry racism." ah, feel better, oblahblah?

just words.
"i had a dream"
"ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"
"there is nothing to fear but fear itself"
"you're likeable enough, hillary"
"my white grandmother was scared when she saw a black man walking down the street"
"i barely knew tony rezko, william ayers, and all of the arab backers who funnel millions of dollars into my campaign
through an international account"
"i will bring change, out with the washington insiders"
"i will withdraw the troops from iraq within 16 months"
"i will defer to the commanders on the ground"
"i will be the commander-in-chief, and will make the decisions as to when we leave iraq"
..........just words..........conflictions, lack of conviction, hype with no substance self erection
"i can no more denounce rev. wright than..........."

just words.

words create euphoria. words harm. words lead the disenchanted into fantasyland. words move a duped public into believing that a jr. senator from illinois, who schemed his way into a position of power, and betrayed the very people who helped him in his adopted town of chicago, would be the ONE person who could effect CHANGE.

we have now seen eight, brave, delegates arise from the mire of pressure to switch their votes back to sen. hillary clinton. they now see that they have been "hearing", just words.

we need the fearless democrats of yore, to see through the words, regroup, place the rightful winner's name into nomination and have a roll call. let the state banners fly, let the delegates scream with ebullient joy, waving their pins, and cry out for the ONE CANDIDATE WHO WILL LEAD OUR NATION TO PEACE AND PROSPERITY, with SOLUTIONS......not words.

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Barack Obama, the selectee of the failed leaders who turned the Democratic Party into an undemocratic party, DOES NOT REPRESENT ME!

Please join us in helping to ensure that Hillary Clinton is placed in nomination at the Denver convention by sending emails to Nancy Pelosi.

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