Monday, July 21, 2008

A Tale of Two Shitties

And so we begin with the master of illusion's war torn descent into humvee land, 300 political advisors on his tail ( a wannabe president can never be sure when he needs to learn a thing or ten), and a basketball to show his cool demeanor under sniper fire in the green zone. The bowling ball and arugula were left behind. The righteous one, seer and soothsayer, predictor of world events from behind the coattails of the streets of Tony Rezko is now...drumroll...ON A WORLD TOUR. I wonder what his passport says with respect to country of birth. **anyone listening?** Katie, Charlie, Brian, the heavyweights of nightly news, gently tip-toeing agog and wow'ed by the experienced change agent venturing into HIS previously unchartered territory. Leader of the free world, espousing military wrongdoings and juxtaposition of errant policy making, without having seen the regions in peril. Why, yes! He truly possesses keen abilities to take on war, nuclear threats, ever present threats of global terrorism, all from the battlefields of his one meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Well, we know O is a quick study, after all, plagiarizing with a teleprompter is no small feat. We cut to footage of O making friends with the truly brave soldiers who want to believe that this masked man will be their saving grace. Battle cry all through the primaries : " I will withdraw the troops within 16 months of my inauguration." Flip: " It is essential to consult with the commanders on the ground before committing to a definitive timetable." Flip: " As commander-in-chief, I will be making the decision as to when we leave Iraq." Vertigo, to be sure.
Reference The Washington Post piece reported by Nedra Pickler of the AP, dated 7.15, exposing the revised O campaign website, which deleted all mention of the masterful one's assertion that the surge has been a colossal failure. After debunking the notion, crucifying Sen. McCain and our beloved, Sen. Clinton, O has come into the firing line of even his own left hardliners. The Surge Worked. Oh man of perfect judgment, shake your head, do your shoulder brush-off dance, your teflon coated days are numbered. You are there, you see it, the journalists are reporting it. The Surge Worked. And do you know what that means, O? YOU WERE WRONG!
You and your boytoy, D. Axelrod (noted below), were caught in your dichotomous web of lies once again. Here this, Mista, you're not qualified to lead this country, represent us in foreign nations, make policy decisions, nor cook for my Aunt Bessie.
O'Hare Airport. One way ticket.

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Check out Bonnie Erbe's article on "Obama's Fundraising Hypocrisy"