Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Called StubHub and All I Got Was An Obama Speech, Refund Please!

Testing, testing. Sound check. Up the amps.

It was a sunny day in Berlin, Germany (what a difference sixty years makes), and a throng of youthfully exhuberant frauleins and their weiners, err, boyfriends, gathered in the square for a bit of frolic and good times. You see, OR DO YOU?......who doesn't enjoy an outdoor rock concert, replete with food, BEER, and people gazing. I would have attended but Lufthansa wasn't having a summer sale.

But wait!

Vat iz dees? Vee hear ze muzic, vee dance, vy iz diz man clapping heez hands on ze stage, and speaking to us?

Iz dees ze President of ze Americas? Nein? But, but, vee came for ze rock concert, some schnitzel and bratwurst, and a Lowenbrau.

Ohhhhhh, he iz ze new Kennedy. Vell, zen I vill listen, but I vant my muzik!!!!!!!!!!!

reality......The above is a feeble attempt to re-enact a day in the life of an unsuspecting Berliner and concert-goer, who was subjected to the grandiose and high falutin' speech of the self proclaimed messiah. What the media, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA media, did NOT tell us folks, is that the speech heard 'round the world was actually preceded and billed as a rock concert. Now, you true blue PUMAs will recall this tactic before. Oh, let's see, remember Portland, Oregon? Chrissie Matthews swooning yet again over the turn out of 75,000 supposed O supporters? NO, NO, NO!

A very popular indie band, The Decemberists, was THE ACT, and the O'gasmic one was part of the bill. Get the picture? Our MSM is once again fabricating the truth!!!!!!!!! Journalism is a science, science holds no room for error, punditry is our new journalism. A plus B = ? To seek the truth, the intelligent political consumer must now spend scads of time, researching verifiable sources, hoping to find the true reporters' eyewitness acccounts.

Enjoy the read. The public was duped once again by our mass(ively deceptive) media.

This makes Sen. McCain's appearance in the cheese aisle seem rather sweet.

Hillary? I'm ready for our shopping trip for Denver. We are definitely going to need high boots.


cloisonne said...

I didnt know that BO's speeches were timed to coincide with music concerts, that relieves me a bit. Seeing pictures of hordes of Germans thronging together to witness a speechifying event by the Grand One was a bit disconcerting to say the least.
I saw a few interviews with Germans who seemed really surprised and happy to get to see O'Barky, you have to wonder how many interviews went into the can to produce those few positive notes.
So let me get this straight, BObo can trip around Europe and glad hand the big wigs but cant meet with our troops? And he really cares about our troops, right?

petunia politik said...

There are several accounts noted in German newspapers touting the less than wow factor that some Germans felt for the self proclaimed messiah. Only our own left wing media has made the O trip into a magical mystery tour. The salvation is that his photo-ops have not translated into a big bump in poll numbers. The veneer is fading, and the phoniness is awash with the afterglow of hubris. O care about our soldiers? Only if they're fundraising for him!