Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's Play Celebrity Jihad

I may have lost my mind but I'm not here to scoop Perez Hilton. Seems our farklempt fatwa fans have decided to target Jewish or Jewish-leaning celebs in England. Shmooze. As if Amy Winehouse isn't on the brink of self-induced oblivion enough, she and Madonna, America's answer to Anglophiles and Kabbalah mistress par excellence have been threatened with good old fashioned jihad beheadings by the ever present Islamic extremists who breed like cockroaches in London. Madonna hired two Israeli Secret Service detail to protect her family. Where is the outrage? Why is this so silent that no one hears? Where are scores of Jewish and/or liberal media mavens to break this obscure story? It starts slowly, it builds into a crescendo. Sewn on emblems emblazoned with the word, "Juden" become de rigeur. The morons of the U.S.A. elect at the very least, a one time Muslim who isn't quite sure what the hell his own identity is. I'm scared. I'm never scared. Those who cannot allow themselves to take this seriously may find themselves having no choice. G-d help us.


Shtuey said...

Haven't you heard? We deserve this because the IDF Nazi baby killers are on the loose indiscriminately killing and eating all in their path. You must not have gotten the memo.

truthisgold said...

Petunia, Like you, I am really, truly scared for the first time in my life. Pre-War Europe was long before my time, yet as a history and political science student, I am painfully aware of that era and the holocaust to which it led.

Your point is very well taken--this is how it starts and we all know how it ended the last time. We must all now share the job of spreading the truth that main stream media refuses to address, and, along with prayer, meditation, and open communication, continue to make the truth known and "...spread the alarm to every Middlesex county and town..." [H.W.Longfellow] solidarity,

petunia politik said...

So well said, M. Thank you for your support in these troublesome times.