Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This Is What We Fought For...The Penultimate Hillary Documentary. Get Your Crying Papers.

Today the nation was reminded that Hillary Rodham Clinton has
no parallel. For without the caucus fraud and superdel
payola, she would have been running against the gop and
would have won handily. Her brilliance shone through every
word of her SoS confirmation hearing today. Though David Vitter,
republican fool and prostitute frequenter, tried to give her a tough
time...Hillary prevailed. Grit, fortitude, love of country, and
altruism never seen in a politician. She is our Hillary, and I am
so gut wrenchingly sad that she will not be POTUS this time,
but so very proud of her ability to rise above the fray.

Please take note of the above documentary, produced and directed by a 20 year old college student who made a sales pitch and earned the right to film our Clintons
during the tumultuous primaries. The trailer will make you weep, so get ready for the film. It is being released nationwide in select areas, but you can download it for a nominal sum on the internet. Let yourself recall the reason why we PUMAs fell
in love with Hillary.


Shtuey said...

Don't worry darlin'...that asshat in the White House will be 24/7 reminder. Hold onto your butts folks...this is not going to not suck.

petunia politik said...

I love a man that can be witty while using a double negative! Sposed to go to her last fundraiser tomorrow in NY.My Shtuey, I'm alreay inconsolable. Hugs:)