Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hacked and Attacked. The New Generation

A quick note...

As I was merrily performing a viral scan last evening, my software informed me of a hacking tool that was detected. Though not pleased, I "hoped" for the best. Well, apparently my front page has been eradicated of word content. Good job, O'gasmics everywhere!!!!!!!!

Please click on the archives by month where so far, my posts are visible.

WelKome to AmeriKa!

Through the miracles of modern technology and sleepless nights, sanity has been restored for now. Come at me, O'bombastic ones minions...I gots me some new software.
Geesh, I'm just a lil blogger, you'd think the Bilderberg Bunch wouldn't care.


Logistics Monster said...


petunia politik said...

Monster! Had to jump through hoops to undo the work of the NWO's paid shills.And some think we don't matter, eh? My Queen, fight for us!

truthisgold said...

Oh My! With the chilled breath of bot coming closer, can Spring be far behind?

Brava Petunia & LM!

Anonymous said...

the bastages !!! good job on restoring your page !!!