Thursday, February 19, 2009

Give Em Hell, Rick. Fearless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick Santelli, Chicago trader, is mad as hell and isn't gonna take it anymore! Originally aired on CNBC, Hardball (only because Chrissie is off tonight) replayed this with Santelli on-air. Accountability and transparency? Get with YOUR program, O'gasmic. Let the people who fucked up and pushed the button for you and the rest of us clever enough not to, make the big decisions. It's not YOUR money! You bought your stinking home with Rezko's money, and you sho ain't paying a mortgage now!

Enough! When are we going to move past blogging and do something!

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navyvet48 said...

I am going to Overland Park on Saturday to protest at Rep Dennis Moore's office although he isn't my congressmen, he deserves my IRE for voting for the porkulus bill!