Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daddy, Can I Play CIA Director? Please?

This is hard for me to pen as I am a rabid Clintonista, but I am losing the few marbles I've retained over the appointment of Leon Panetta as head of the Central Intelligence Agency. Hey, if liberal Dianne Feinstein can plotz over this, so can I.
During the BO/McCain debacle, Panetta was crying out, "IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID." (very Carville-esque.) Now, wouldn't that lead someone with a modicum of intelligence to come to the conclusion that Panetta is more inclined to be Commerce Secty or Chief Cashier at Walmart as opposed to the top official responsible for the intel reports? Oh, I must be mistaken. We're not a country in crisis, and terrorism is the silly stuff that fiction writers reap profits from. Here's the latest from the The Hawaii Reporter, news publication of BO's birth state (hah!)

Obama Nominates Leon Panetta for CIA Chief
Mark my words: Panetta will turn the CIA into Obama's secret police.
By Jim Kouri, 1/5/2009 12:34:05 PM

In a nation already suspicious of its intelligence agencies, is it wise to appoint a former Clinton crony as Director of Central Intelligence?

Well, two Democratic officials leaked the story that President-elect Barack Obama has chosen former Clinton White House chief of staff Leon Panetta to run the CIA, according to Los Angeles' newsradio KNX.

Panetta is a surprise pick for the post, with no experience in the intelligence world and a reputation as a "dirty-tricks" maven when he worked for President Bill Clinton.

An Obama transition official and another Democrat disclosed his nomination on a condition of anonymity since it was not yet public, according to KNX.

Panetta was director the Office of Management and Budget in the Clinton Administration, Clinton's chief of staff, and a left-wing congressman from California known for his pitbull demeanor.

He served on the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan panel that released a report at the end of 2006 with dozens of recommendations for reversing course in the Iraq war and an avid foe of the Bush Administration.

Panetta currently directs the Panetta Institute for Public Policy, based at California State University - Monterey Bay, an institution of higher learning he helped establish.

During the McCain-Obama presidential race, Panetta is quoted as saying, "It's the economy, stupid. People are deeply worried about the economic future of their families and the nation. It is the candidate who honestly addresses this crisis that has the best chance of winning. Voters want to vote their hopes, not their fears. Obama gets it. McCain cannot 'turn the page' on the biggest issue of this campaign."

Now Panetta will possibly be on the front-line of the war on terrorism as the top man at the Central Intelligence agency, something that reportedly infuriates Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein of California, according to Fox News Channel.

During the Clinton scandal, Human Events said this about Panetta:

"The media has lost count of all the shills the Clintons have sent out to do their dirty work with the press and the talk shows, from Leon Panetta and Lanny Davis to David Kendall and Jim Carville. There is no end to the line of opportunists prepared to face the public in defense of a rogue President and a corrupt administration."

Mark my words: Panetta will turn the CIA into Obama's secret police.

Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and he's a staff writer for the New Media Alliance (thenma.org). His book Assume The Position is available at Amazon.Com. Kouri's own website is located at http://jimkouri.us

Forgive me Hill and Bill, but Bambi just ain't got this right.


navyvet48 said...

OMG! Panetta even voted against the First Gulf War while he was in Congress. I spent time in the US Navy as you know. I possess intelligence knowledge to this day....and frankly Panetta scares me....he won't have the guts or integrity to tell O the hard news. I can just imagine those briefings! I don't whether I should laugh or cry. Panetta is a progressive... avery poor choice intelligence. Under his watch human information will all but disappear.

In the end there is a real chance we will experience another attack under the O administration!

Love that comment...head cashiers at Walmart, made me chuckle!

petunia politik said...

Eesh, he won't even KNOW the hard news. He has no quals for what I consider to be the position that requires the most expertise. At least Bill knew what to do with him.I dream, but maybe Feinstein et al won't confirm him. We're going to get hit no matter what but this basically is an invitation Lord help us

Digital Publius said...

Obama is the fellow who built his metaphorical political house out of sturdy judgement and common sense isn’t it? Well it certainly seems that house now completed, is remarkably unpolluted by discernment.