Friday, January 9, 2009

And You Thought Obama Was Special?

Today's advice is, whenever you feel a bit low or unsure of yourself, book a trip to Chicago. No need to tour Oprahland. Just step out of O'Hare, smell the stench, and instantaneously, your ego will ascend to heights only imagined afore.

The Audacity of Hope, Change, Ego, Acorn, Caucus Fraud, Voting Present, Zero Legislative Accomplishments. Of course we know that none of the above stopped our Resident Select from aspiring to be seated behind the desk in the oval office.

Rahm Emanuel, knife wielder and congressman with a flair for the dramatic, probable sender of dead fish to his intended victims. Ego personified.

Blago...'nuf said.

Now, whoah nelly, we have the illustrious would be Jr. Senator, Roland Burris, who may have been involved in a pay for play "transaction" but will be seated due to his usage of the race card. After all, Blago knew what he was doing, that sly fox. Burris is known around Chitown for his self aggrandizing demeanor and his continuous reminder to all who can't see that he is black, therefore, he deserves to be important. And now the proof, rivaling the big O ( no, not THAT big O) on Bambi's jet...we have the ultimate in self importance. After all, doesn't everyone erect a freaking monument to themselves? On the monument you will find the words, Trail Blazer. Someone, pass the valium.
I seriously can't take it anymore.


Shtuey said...

I've thrown up all my organs and have moved to the obligatory dry heaving.

Love the new format. I'm giving your widget a makeover.

petunia politik said...

You inspired the format, I just drek-orated it,As for giving my widget some attention...let's just say it's been awhile:) *wink*