Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rock-A-Bye Barack

With under two hundred days as the junior senator from Illinois, bebe stole the keys to the White House. Instead of getting a time-out or an early bedtime, this wacky land that we live in decided to give bebe an early Christmas present! Scores of lil punims were born and named for this dude who's inspired a generation with empty platitudes and more promises than my last boyfriend gave me as to why I didn't get the princess cut I wanted. Ohhhhhhhhh Moishe! Look at little Barack, our blessed child born in the manger of Chicago (or was that Kenya). Okay, I can see naming your child after Elvis, at least he was entertaining when he wasn't eating. But Barack? I know, it's "history"....I keep forgetting that it was never about the qualifications. It's the race, stupid! So with my usual impending nausea, I peruse the NY Slimes online, and sure enough, here it is.

Thomas Mukoya/Reuters
In Kisumu, an area in Kenya where relatives of Barack Obama live, at least 43 children have been named after the Obamas since Election Day, including Josephine Ochieng’s newborn son.
In a related story, a new mother is quoted as saying,
“I love Barack Obama, and I love the name,” said Ms. Williams, 31, who came to the United States as a refugee from Liberia in 2003. “In Africa, we call it a blessing. That is a good name.”

Yep, that's exactly what I was thinking. Barack is such a blessing.

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