Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Change? Cronyism and Favors. The Messiah's Cabinet

Enjoy! This is a new feature I've stumbled across and I'm still trying to work out the nuances. More importantly, click on the link in the embedded widget that takes you to the actual article from whence this came. Take note of the names of the Chicago cronies, the DC butt kisser's who betrayed HRC, the liars who endorsed the messiah to gain a place in so called history. Note the various titles that are being proposed. You will be viewing a prototype of the change agent's cabinet. Pass the valium, and get some sleep. We're in for a long ride.


truthisgold said...

Petunia, as always, many thanks for a great site!

P.S. Gr8 minds think alike--my title for yesterday's truthisgold blog was "Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece!"

petunia politik said...

truth, you are way too kind! btw, that really is one clever play on words for your blog title. so hard to work when you're a PUMA, isn't it? our minds just keep spinning:)