Monday, November 3, 2008

O'Surrogate Calls Him, "Not Politically Courageous!"

Jerrold Nadler, as a Jewess, I am deeply ashamed to belong to the same tribe as you. Should we overlook the lack of political courage in a time of national crisis? Let's examine this speculative theory. Iran continues its enrichment program in preparation for nuclear weaponry. This has been decried by the United Nations, and every civilized country in the world. What will O'great one do in the face of imminent disaster? Will he give Iran the old carrot without the stick handshake? "Um, uh, err, let me ask my 300 advisers." Political Courage. New Yorker's know the meaning of political courage. When the WTC was taken down by islamic jihadist's, Mayor Rudy Giuliani faced an unparalleled crisis never before seen in the United States. Little Barack was playing Chicago Monopoly whilst Rudy was a powerhouse in the aftermath of an attack that paralyzed the financial center of the world, left almost three thousand dead, brought the country's emotions to its knees, and put us in a state of fear that we have thankfully avoided since. Let's face it, Al-Q had more than one trip in mind. The fat lady didn't sing, and the terror chatter is high on a daily basis. Shall we elect a leader with NO POLITICAL COURAGE? What would Obama do to avoid another attack on our soil? Hanging pics of Che Guevara in his Chitown office is not the answer. Joe Biden is not the answer, since he has been wrong on countless numbers of foreign policy matters, including opposition to the surge. ( By the way, Biden DID vote to authorize the Iraq invasion.)
Our economy has been *the* campaign issue for the past weeks. However, do you notice that when McCain's numbers are up, so goes the Dow? Do you think this is a coincidence? Now, what did Obama do when the market went into a free fall? He, lacking POLITICAL COURAGE, ran with his tail between his legs. He told those folks in D.C., "Hey, if you need me, call me and I'll be there." Is this the kind of courage and willingness to take a stand that we want to elect as our leader? Former Pres. Bill Clinton addressed it best while stumping with Obama in Florida. I paraphrase, "I know Barack might be mad at me for saying this, but when he didn't know what to do about the economy, he called Hillary and me."
Hello? Is anybody out there? It's great to ask for help and tutelage when you are making crucial decisions. But wait, this guy knows nothing! He doesn't only need help, he needs people to MAKE the decisions *for* him! No background to speak of, no accomplishments on the record, holes in his character and shady ties amongst his circle.
Tomorrow, I will cast my vote for the man with more POLITICAL COURAGE than any President I can recall.
Sen. John McCain. G-d help us, please.

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