Friday, November 7, 2008

Lame Elmer, Act One, Scene One

Elmer Fudd Obama held his breathlessly awaited first press conference today. The world watched as the drooling reporters plotzed for five hours ( I exaggerate, a little)just to see the man who would be King. "What will he say? Will he fix the market? Will he pay everyone's mortage? Will he bring world peace before inaugural day? Will all foreign leader's gather 'round and kiss his imaginary ring?"
No, No, No, G-d damn anticipation! The One stammered, studied his cheat sheets while speaking, looked visibly nervous ( he SO doesn't want to work so hard), and in a feeble attempt at humor, managed to insult the wife of one of the most popular and revered former and deceased President's of our country, Ronald Reagan. Poor Nancy, I wonder if her son Ron Jr. had a moment of clarity when he heard the man he endorsed, mocking his mommy. Will libs ever learn? I did, that's why I'm a "former" lib.


Alessandro Machi said...

The dog thing saved him. Once again Barack Obama pulls a rabbit out of the hat.

truthisgold said...

NOTHING will save him. He is his own worst enemy, not to mention ours.

As always, Petunia, great posts, great site, NOW MORE THAN EVER, JUST SAY NO DEAL!