Thursday, April 30, 2009

Report Cards Suck

I hope the resident select didn't go back to his Lincoln wannabe bedroom and tune in to CNN, post press CON-ference. Viewers of AC 360 were asked to vote on FaceBook,in selected categories, rating the (p)Res, Congress, Geithner, SoS HC, BidetBiden, etc. based on the first 100 days of dumBO's life as it were. I'll list the actual questions below for your reference, but suffice it to say that despite high approval ratings in popularity (very similar to W and Carter *oy*), performance seems not to measure up to the ego of the man.

I've mentioned before, along with others, that psychologically, the resident suffers from low self-esteem brought on by an errant mother, absent father, undefined :cough muslim: roots, and his blackness in a sea of white and asian youth. There are two outcomes to this scenario; the child with low self-esteem either blossoms into adulthood chronologically whilst retaining a usually unwarranted poor image of him/herself, or the child evolves into a full blown narcissist. The latter is you know who.

Now that we've diagnosed the disorder, let us imagine this ego driven, yet insecure man who has always received admiration, adulation, pats on the back, funny money, and assistance from mega wealthy people, sitting in front of the telly actually studying the results of this poll. Albeit unscientific, CNN is not FOX, therefore he cannot guffaw and claim bias. Since his college and law school records were never revealed, he might be used to poor grades for all we know, but hey, that was then, this is now, and this is the big time.
I suspect that if he is privy to this information, he has double dipped into the crack pipe tonight, or even more probable, stared into a full length mirror, smiled that toothy grin while telling himself that he has "a whole host of" awesomeness that any peasant or world leader would envy.

As promised, the questions: (supplied with *my* own answers for reference) CNN POLL

1. Joe Biden (a for ahole) B
2. Your two Senators C+
3. The BO administration's progress on the Economy (progress?) B
4. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner (long or short form) C+
5. How well you feel things are going in the country today (mass suicide) B-
6. How well you felt things were going in the last administration (safe) C
7. The narcissist's performance at the press conference (comically sickening) B+
8. Media's performance on BO and the new administration (love sick schmucks) B-
9. The administration's performance on Foreign Affairs (BO-F, Hillary-A) B+
10.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (me, A) B
11.Did you vote in the election (begrudgingly) 78%Y,22%N
12.Are you still happy with your voting decision(like I had a choice?) 83%Y,17%N
13.The performance of the House of Representatives (abysmal) C+
14.The performance of the Senate (more abysmal) C+
15.The Democratic leadership in the House and Senate (Pelosi/Reid=Swine Flu) B-
16.The Republican leadership in the House and Senate (what leadership?) C-
17.The BO administration's response to the swine flu crisis (close borders) B+
18.Grade The Messiah's first 100 days (needs to be expelled) B

In a separate survey conducted by the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation, he fared even worse. A dreaded B-.

Do you see what I see? Sir Holiness received a B. In my world of desirable achievement, B = Average. The resident is average. Trust me, he's wide awake right now, plotting a re-do.


navyvet48 said...

There must be something wrong with best the evil one gets a D.
And that includes all of the administration excluding Napolitano she gets an F.

The evil one gets an F for the insults he made to the Tea Party attendees and organizers!

truthisgold said...

hey, vet, i'm with you on this one--They all got D's and F's from me: Despicable Failures, all.