Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sleepness Nights and 9/11 Truths

NWO. 9/11. Trilateral Commission. No, no more clues. Take the time and watch these broadcasts. Let me know how betrayed you feel when you're done. Everything I have researched and yet denied to here. Am I obsessed with the attack on our homeland? Affirmative. We all need to be. Where's Jack Bauer when you need him?

Watch live video from Conspiracy Films v2.0 on

Note: There are many videos on this one channel. I have posted the link under the video above which will direct you to Of special note is the 9/11 series, 1-11, documentaries that are too plausible to deny.

I do not believe in fear mongering, though our fraud-in-chief has certainly changed his tune from hopey changey to be afraid, be very afraid. However, we must dig deep, we must not be caught unaware, not this time.


navyvet48 said...

We must be vigilant! I always believed that when/if Bambi took the White House we would be in mortal danger...He is worse than Carter...ugh!

petunia politik said...

if you haven't followed the link yet, the one that leads to the revolving documentary channel, please do so. this transcends the fraud in the oval office.

what happened before him is bound to be repeated, this time with even less defense systems. can you believe how he's cutting out security spending and eliminating missiles in space?

Logistics Monster said...

well this just proves what I and many others have thought. This also tracks with soulless sobs running this country for over 100 hundred years. How is this all going to end? I wish I knew...