Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Promises and Lies - The First 100 Days

It is a rare night that could prompt me to contribute to the ratings of MSNBC's lineup of fawning fraud worshipers, but somehow I found myself riveted to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with sexist-host, David (Chelsea is pimping for her mom) Shuster. What caught my senses was a compassionate tone, lacking his usual sarcasm. It might as well have been his wife he was interviewing but in actuality, he was commiserating with a NYC firefighter who lost his firefighter son in an act of heroism on 9/11. The full interview can be viewed above. Sure, nothing new, right? Ho hum to some? Another 9/11 story of anguish, as if it can be diminished. However, this was not another tale of tragedy, rather the hero's father spoke of the Puppet-in-Chief's broken promise to the 9/11 families. All of his campaign promises have been shattered ( the sheep deserve to be led to the slaughter), but this man, this empty shell of a confused, narcissistic man who wants to be king had held court very recently in the WH, with selected members of the victims' families. You might recall my tribute to one of the most tireless 9/11 family advocates, Beverly Eckertwho died this past February in a Buffalo, NY plane crash. It had been just a week of two before her tragic ending that she had met with the "that one" to discuss the security concerns that have plagued many of us since he took his mighty sword and lowered our national defenses. The families were met with false pathos and the following statement was issued, "Obama met with the relatives of 9/11 victims and the 17 sailors killed in the bombing of the USS Cole this afternoon - promising them he "would get quick justice" despite plans to close the Guantanamo Bay prison." The rest can be read here. Since then, with the decision to close Gitmo a done deal, the usurper and his chief coward Atty. General Eric Holder have given orders to transfer two or more of the enemy combatants, one being the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing, to a prison in ALEXANDRIA, VA...hello?, a residential neighborhood with a luxury hotel just steps away. I'm sure we can all rest easy now. More promises, Mr. Terrorist Lover?

Back to topic. Remembering the words uttered to the grief stricken, and eight years later knowing that ground zero is still nothing more than a gaping hole in the ground due to the bureaucracy of bullshit, the 9/11 families reached out once more. Here is the transcript as broadcasted:
SHUSTER: Welcome back to 1600. today, the White House focused on the war against al Qaeda. But for weeks, we‘ve been telling you about the hallowed grounds related to that war, Ground Zero in New York City. Nearly eight years after the 9/11 attacks, the site remains a symbol of bureaucratic bungling, delay and surrender.

The site remains mostly a big hole. And while some work has been done on the proposed Freedom Tower base, the entire plan is one that most 9/11 families detest. Last night on this show, several 9/11 families pleaded with President Obama to get involved. They want the president to take a tour of the site and look at some models for an alternative plan that city officials refuse to consider, a plan that would stop the Freedom Towers, and rebuild the Twin Towers, instead, taller, stronger, and safer.

We promised to follow up with the Obama White House. We have. After all, the president has repeatedly spoken about the importance of his office tackling the tough issues and making decisions. Today, NBC‘s Chuck Todd tried to help us get an answer about Ground Zero at the White House press briefing. Chuck posed the crucial question to spokesman Robert Gibbs.

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: -- had asked the president to get involved with the rebuilding at Ground Zero.

ROBERT GIBBS, WHITE HOUSE SPOKESMAN: I will check on that. That is not on my stuff either. I will have somebody work on that.

SHUSTER: This afternoon, we continue to follow up the White House. Late this afternoon, we received this statement from White House Spokesman Bill Burton. Quote, “from the first days of this administration, we‘ve had an open dialogue with the 9/11 families and the families of the victims of the USS Coal attack. We‘re familiar with their concerns and are willing to discuss them. But it appears that this is an issue that should be resolved by state and local government officials.”

Blown off, not his problem, take this up with your local officials.
Perhaps he is too busy counting the millions that he has allotted for the terrorist sympathizing Palestinians to resettle in our neighborhoods and schools.

Just when I tried to breathe...

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navyvet48 said...

Bloomberg Patterson and Corzine are asshats! Obama doesn't care about the 9/11 families or 9/11 at all. I remember his indifference when he visited the site. My heart goes out to the 9/11 families and the USS Cole survivors but know in my heart that Bambi has no moral compass, therefore he can never truly care for anyone but himself.

He is truly a narcissist without a soul. People who show their empathy for the victims family and survivors of both tragedies have a soul and a moral compass!

It is still a sad sight when the evil entity in our WH is evil with no moral compass!