Monday, February 2, 2009

My President Is Now The Secretary of State

While we sit and recoil at the fraud perpetrated by the DNC, the Resident Select and his band of merry men/women, the rightful winner of the Democratic Primary is forging ahead with good humor, commitment, and the know-how to get our country back on track regarding foreign policy. Personally, I had the privilege of having a few moments to speak with Secty of State Clinton, just a couple of weeks ago. Her ebullience and determination were evident in her persona; nary a trace of bitterness which I dare say would plague almost anyone who has been as betrayed and maligned as she.

She is my President. Not "that one." The voters spoke and we were denied. Corruption won instead.

Today, my President was sworn in as Secty of State, to serve our needs in very perilous times. I sleep well at night knowing that Hillary Clinton is our watchdog.
Be safe on your journey, Hillary. Eighteen million of us are praying for you.

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Anonymous said...

Petunia , you speaketh my heart , Hillary is the de facto President