Monday, January 19, 2009

Tribute to MY President

Tonight I am so incredibly sad. I know I'm not alone and there is comfort in that. The words to describe this pain escape me, for how does one convey a sense of loss that is not a death nor an ending to a relationship. This is different, I feel hopeless. The PUMA movement began with fervor, vigor and a commitment to deny that fraud and deceit would overtake the electoral process. We did not fail, for we are still committed to our collective ideology.
On a night such as this, when I am trying to be positive that my beloved country will return to economic health and remain safe from domestic and foreign threats, I am finding myself too melancholy to do so. In a few hours, the rightful winner of the Democratic nomination and most assuredly the general election would be rising to shatter the ceiling and take it one step further by penetrating it for the 51 percent of women who have struggled and still do, to attain some measure of respect and equality. We can trust that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will represent the United States with her usual brilliance and aplomb, but she will always be my President.
One of the most horrific days of my life occurred on 9/11/01. I still recall Bette Midler performing a heart wrenching version of a song that inspires me and is my tribute to Hillary. If you watch carefully, towards the end you will see Hillary and Bill sitting with the dignitaries of New York. She was our Senator, and NY will not forget her tireless work and compassion during that time, and the years that ensued.

May G-d speed, Hillary. You are the wind beneath my wings.


Logistics Monster said...

Many mahalos for the wonderful comment you left.


Shtuey said...

Amen sister, amen. The anger that I feel at having been denied a great President for the sake of the POSFraud will never fade. Her being SOS is the only thing I am looking forward to today, and that is bittersweet.

To OUR President. L'Chaim!

petunia politik said...

I haven't slept a second because admittedly, I'm watching CNN coverage for hrs already. Why? My baby bot is attending the coronation and my nerves have reached a crescendo! Yes,Shtuey, L'Chaim to life and to Hillary! And Asia, so glad you're back. Love to you both.

navyvet48 said...

I can't watch though there is a group of our young gay community in DC. They will be standing with their backs to the ego fest. They have white ribbons on. Keep them in your thoughts

Thank you reminding us what we should be celebrating today!

truthisgold said...

Petunia, thank you for your heartfelt comments, and thank you, too, navyvet, shtuey,and logistics monster, for yours. You all remain among my favorite Wise Ones and in future days, we will need to look to one another for continued support as we pick up the pieces of our shattered country and continue our fight to save it.

Please join me tonight at 10 PM EST for the Central Park 7's debut show, "Constitutional Radio" on Blog Talk Radio's My-Two-Cents, where we'll be introducing ourselves, talking about our Defining Moments amid the ;08 election debacle, and opening the lines to all American patriots for aid and comfort.
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And, to offer a small ficker of hope and buoy your spirits further:

Text of Bush's Jan. 16 Executive Order Reinvestigating Individuals in Positions of Public Trust

Best to all!