Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Left, Not Right, Just Sick

I will never let the fear of what anyone might think of me stop me from expressing my views. With that said, let the record state that I am pro-choice. I am not a Democrat anymore, and we know who is to thank for that. I am not a Republican either, though more and more I tend to lean right, but not far enough to label me as such. Labels don't suit me, parties are only good when there are people in attendance that I respect. The following video NEEDS to be seen, MUST be taken seriously, and if you dare to think that this has one iota of relevance to womens rights, then you are demented. For all of you lovelies that proclaim the torture of terrorists is against our moral principles as Americans, I present this to you.

This is a demonstration of partial birth abortion which occurs in the second trimester. My pro-choice stance is based on science and the rights of women to choose to end a pregnancy BEFORE crucial formations have taken place in the fetus. No one is against life. Normal people are pro-life, so the moniker used by hard line right wingers is mislabeled. Why am I posting this here? The Resident Select voted to pass the infanticide bill twice, one of the few votes he bothered to show up for in the Illinois legislature. This fraud is now sending our tax dollars to help fund abortions overseas, one of his first acts in office. Shows you where his priorities are. Past three months, all bets are off, and the abortion becomes a very different procedure, as you can see above.

O'killa. Keep those terrorists safe, let the babies die?


navyvet48 said...

Just sick! Who would ever post such a video, they are sick too! No other words!

petunia politik said...

The video was made to show just how inhumane this is. Shock value is necessary when people are so blind.

Digital Publius said...

Once that baby begins development it is no less a baby than when the procedure described by this video is administered, the simple truth is that once development begins, at the very earliest stage, whatever you may want to label the baby at different stages is irrelevant, because he or she will be only one thing, a human being.

Here is some empirical "science" for you, once the DNA of the father and the mother come together, the result is inevitable. At no point can those cells be anything other than a human being, thus those cells are a human being. This is what "science" has proven. One cannot hide behind nomenclature to defend a woman's right to destroy a living human being at any stage.