Monday, December 8, 2008

Unvetted and Untested, The Theme for 2008 - Keep Caroline Kennedy out of Hillary's Chair!

This has been the year of the unvetted and untested candidate. This has been the year that journalism forgot that it is a science. This is the year that Americans have gone stark raving mad, and in their quest for new leadership, they turned to the MTV generation for guidance. This is the DAY that this must STOP. The press is buzzing with talk of Caroline Kennedy taking over Hillary's seat as the Jr. Senator of New York. This ain't Kansas, Dorothy, no offense to Kansas. Haven't we suffered through an endless nomination and election season only to see the most unprepared person win the keys to the White House?

This is New York, the epi-center of the world. Whilst Caroline is intelligent and enjoys a bloodline we all respect, we must not allow Governor Paterson to appoint her to fill the hotseat of the most well prepared, brightest, most qualified person afore her. PUMAs know the drill. Don't talk softly and Definitely carry a big stick.
New York is filled with talent, eg. Andrew Cuomo and Carolyn Maloney. Do your google searches if you are from the vast beyond. This is not a vendetta against Caroline for endorsing Bambi. Ok, we're annoyed, but the overriding reason that she should not occupy the Jr. Senatorial seat in NY is because SHE IS NOT QUALIFIED!
Please, I urge you to sign the petition created by Ricki Lieberman ( friend to and fundraiser for HRC).

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