Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CarolWHINE Kennedy

I've renamed the once admired princess of the Kennedy clan. It was only yesterday when I watched that brave little girl and her adorable younger brother bear witness to the burial of their daddy, the American president. The memory is etched in my psyche until my demise, as even as a very little child, I knew things would never be the same. Mom picked me up from school that day, crying with all the other mothers who were in a state of shock. How do you comfort a small child who is petrified, who has just heard over the school loudspeaker that our leader has been killed? You don't. You take her home, paint her nails, give her cookies and milk. You sit the child in front of the black and white television, weeping as the funeral procession concludes with President John F. Kennedy lying in state in the Capitol's rotunda. I wore pink polish and mom curled my hair. Anything to pretend that everything was normal. Nothing has ever been quite okay since, only solidified the day that Lennon was shot. Camelot became life with Lyndon and his beagles. And so, I have pitied, revered, admired, and adored that little girl who would miss her daddy, Caroline Kennedy.
Fast forward to present day politics. No need to rehash what has happened. No need to attempt to understand her complete betrayal of the Clintons. No need to go over what we all know to be Caroline's way of life; be private, be an intellectual socialite, hold the Kennedy Center honors, write a couple of non-descript books, never enter the political arena. The self proclaimed messiah enters and for Caroline, the soaring rhetoric of his words reminder her of "Ich bin ein berliner", "Ask not what your country can do for you...", and suddenly she is transported back to her childhood. It does not take a psychologist to analyze poor Caroline. My couch is for lounging, but still I am able to read between her synapses.
Caroline is a fine woman, yes she is. I am understandably disturbed that she is abandoning her very own ideology of how to live her life, but she is still a fine woman. But being a fine woman does not give one the qual's to hold a most important office in a most important state, that being New York.
Yes, as a PUMA, I am angry with her, but that is not my raison d'etre at the moment.
She is simply not prepared. Nepotism has ruined companies, let alone states.
Perusing a new favorite site, I came across a farcical item that actually does justice to this saga.

Oh, CarolWHINE, please don't beg for what you have not earned. Please do not use your name for favors. Please be the little girl that I remember.

Notice the graphic at the top? I'm sad just posting it, but it reflects through parody exactly what I think of this charade.


Shtuey said...

Look, I'm not happy about the CK thing either, but the fact is that from the 30% solution to the notion that PUMA women aren't going to rank on other women, this movement is going to fast become invalidated by its own hypocrisy if we keep this up.

Let's not single out Kennedy. Let's face it, virtually all the players are demonstrably corrupt and would sell their mother's kidneys to a leper if they thought it would get them ahead. This is nothing new under the sun.

I would much prefer to see Carolyn Maloney get the seat. To quote Steve Buscemi's gingerbread man in that phone commerical, "I want people to stop eating my house, but that ain't gonna happen."

Everybody needs to just accept that the power brokers aren't listening to us, and they're not going to until we get some power of our own. I think our time would be much better spent figuring that out, and indulging our pleasure centers for a change.

Pizza, beer, chocolate, coffee, lovemaking. This is everyone's to do list through the holidays, unless you're a recovering alcoholic, then you should probably not have beer...just eat more pizza.

Chappy Chanukah Countess! I luvs ya!

BTW, I'm grabbing your widget. You should come to my place and grab mine...there is no way to say grab my widget without double entendre is there?

Let me know if you figure that out. :)

navyvet48 said...

I hope that Paterson does the right thing. If he truly wants to be reelected he needs woman to take Hillary's seat. That woman needs to be from upper state New York. While I remain unhappy with Hillary she did so much as a Senator for places like the Finger Lakes. She even helped the Republican ranchers. They took to the campaign trail for her.

I do believe that Caroline Kennedy is trying to use her name and memory of a little girl after her father died to get Hillary's seat. That seems to be the MO of the koolaid swillers.

My own governor in Kansas went on the trail for Obama thinking she would be offered something great in the Obambi administratio. She wasn't offered anything as far as I can tell. She came acting as if someone took her favorite dolly away from he. Obambi burst her balloon.

Unlike shtuey I have no idea who Carolyn Maloney is...there are many good choices in New York and the whiney Caroline isn't one of them.

As for her books, I didn't even know Caroline wrote any...

Thanks for your post.

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