Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank You

We PUMA people have given up a good portion of our lives for the righteous cause of decency in our democracy. The outcome was set in stone long before we cried out and got to work, simply put, the fix was in. That does not diminish the research, response, road warrior mentalities of most of this auspicious and brilliant bunch of rebels with a cause. But occasionally, it is good for the soul to put down the poisoned pen and be grateful for our fortune as Americans.
It is Thanksgiving and for me it is a day when I choose to reflect on what exactly I have to be thankful for. Of course, family comes first. My blessing consumes my life and the pride I have for him is immeasurable. Yet this year, I need to express my gratitude for the not so obvious...
- Thank you, Hillary Rodham Clinton, for our collective awakening as women and men compromising 18 million who all rallied for you, fought for your right to be treated with dignity, and decried a most foul process. Through it all, you have remained dignified and stoic and put our country first, though it may not always seems as such to PUMA's who needed you to denounce the Pres.(S)elect. You had an agenda, and by playing the political game from D.C. to Chicago, you will be our representative around the world as Secretary of State. No one will pull your strings for you are too brilliant to be puppet-ized. You set down your demands, and ensured that your detractors in the new administration would never cross your path nor have a role there. You still reign supreme and I will sleep a little better knowing that your hands are in the muddle of hell that surrounds our national security threats.
-Thank you, FOX News. My daily feed consisted of MSNBC, CNN, and a variety of print and online publications, including the ABOMINABLE HuffPo. FOX became home base for the PUMA's for they were all too willing to expose the truth without spinning to the left. They recognized us and what more could a grassroots movement ask for.
-Thank you, President George W. Bush. Yes, I said thank you. For almost seven years, our President has served in the most perilous of times and has been the recipient of scorn, ridicule, mockery, and thrashing. No, I do not agree with all that he has done, including the war in Iraq. I am also tired of everyone second guessing the administration's decisions. We did not see the intelligence reports, nor were we privy to that which the public is never made aware of. What I do know is that Pres. Bush has kept our country safe since 9/11. As a lifelong New Yorker and someone who felt the loss of a friend in the WTC, I am eternally beholden for the job he has done in thwarting attacks, intercepting terrorist chatter, and having the Guantanomo Hotel as a respite for those precious terrorists and their friends. I fear the closing of this facility, and I believe the fools who voted for the incoming pres will live to regret their decision.
-Thank you to fate. As we view the horror of the latest terrorist attacks in Mumbai, we should take pause. Think hard and be honest with yourselves. If you are like me, you are unspeakably grateful to be born in a country that allows you to be a dissident, fight the system, and cry foul without fear of imprisonment. We have been the living embodiment of this privilege.
-Thank you, fellow PUMA's. What a ride this has been and will undoubtedly continue to be as we follow the broken promises of the man who would be king. Hillary found her voice, but SO DID WE. This is groundbreaking and without precedent, and I implore all of you to stop and smile tomorrow as you celebrate our day of thanks. Remember to thank yourselves.


Alessandro Machi said...

I would like to thank Sarah Palin for doing what no human had been able to do before, reveal how turkeys are killed, and she did it in a way that millions would see.

Nobody else has been able to figure out a way to remind us that we say grace by killing a live animal, but Sarah was able to, and she did by just being herself and saying, this is the way it is.

Whether you are a thanksgiving fan or abhor the ritual, at least finally, millions of americans were educated in an instant simply by Sarah being Sarah.

petunia politik said...

Lol, now that was humorous. I did have a problem with her nonchalant response to the beheading, but hey, that's you said!

truthisgold said...

And Thank you, petunia, for articulating the essence of the PUMA spirit and its humble beginnings, from which both Hillary and millions of PUMA-minded people rose to grow and flourish. You are one of those kindred souls who contribute so beautifully to this movement and its consciousness--and its conscience.

Blessings to you and your family, to the PUMA spirit and, of course, to our Hillary.

Shtuey said...

" If you are like me, you are unspeakably grateful to be born in a country that allows you to be a dissident, fight the system, and cry foul without fear of imprisonment. We have been the living embodiment of this privilege."

And let's make sure it stays that way, eh?

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving my dear Countess!