Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reality Check. Hillary Will Win the Nobel Prize

It wasn't long ago when we all mourned the theft of Sen. Hillary Clinton's nomination for the Presidency. No need to belabor what we PUMA's know. She won, fairly and with the majority of votes, sans superdel payola and caucus fraud. We bought stock in Kleenex's parent company (pre-market crash) and sickeningly debated whether we wanted her to be offered the veep spot. I'd gauge the PUMA response to be 50/50. After self deliberation, I wanted our girl to have that spot, not as "that one's" underling, but as someone who could redefine the role, a less sinister Dick Cheney if you will. The media was faklempt. After all, the now President (S)elect clearly stated that Hillary would be on ANYONE's short list....anyone's but his. It took awhile before the news broke that the winner of 18 million popular votes was not even vetted for the post. Vetted? This coming from Austin Obama Powers, Man of Mystery? Cut to the election, cut to the aftermath (sigh).
Andrea Mitchell, NBC reporter and host of an hour block of daytime viewing on MSNBC, wife of Alan Greenspan, former Fed chair, partially responsible for our economic tsunami, broke the story that Sen. Clinton was en route to Chicago to discuss the Secty. of State position in the Obama cabinet. My own reaction consisted of a combination of anger ,"why the hell is he the President making these decisions", to hmm, she surely has the gravitas to hold such a high ranking position. Since then, the usual not-ready-for slime time players such as Matthews and Olbermann, have been re-raking Hillary over the coals as to her credentials and Pres. Clinton's associations and monetary issues regarding his world initiatives. Oh yes, who would want the husband of the Secty. of State running charitable organizations to ease the plight of the less fortunate around the word. Puleez. Anything Clinton tends to bring frothing at the mouth disease in these misogynistic sadists.
What saddens me even more is the number of PUMA's who are urging Hillary NOT to take the job if offered. Now let's examine this position. "They" say she is being used and kept in check by being a cabinet member where she can do very little harm to Obama. "They" say that she will be relinquishing her right to run for the Presidency in 2012. "They" say that she is a larger force as the Jr. Senator from N.Y. ( the state where I was born and lived most of my life). "They" say she should wait for the Senate Majority Leader's position in 2009. STOP THE PRESSES. Whose life is this anyway? Firstly, yes we recognize that the economy is our most dire problem, but let us be realistic. The terror chatter is high, and we are a nation in waiting for the next attack. To think otherwise is to live in a very phantasmagorical land of fantasy. Do you trust the messiah with the keys to the car? Not I. Secondly, the position of Secty of State does not preclude a run in 2012, and frankly, anything can happen between now and then. Thirdly, her one request which was to head a Senate subcommittee on health care has been denied by Sen. Kennedy. Do you think she is amongst friends? She is surely amongst backstabbers. What exactly is the pressing need in the Senate that should keep her from being our face around the world, our woman of valor, our negotiator who will not allow the "one" to meet despots without pre-conditions? Fourth, Harry Reid aka King Moron, is going nowhere.
I see PUMAnista's imploring Hillary to just say no. Let me be very clear here. Straight talk. I lived through 9/11 in N.Y. in a very personal way. Like him or hate him, Pres. Bush has kept us safe for seven years. We did not vote for Obama, did we? Isn't one of your reasons that you did not trust him to keep us safe? Well, it should have been. I am not worried about social issues, transportation problems, and other daily doings that the Jr. Senator will be continuing to deal with. Yes, she serves on some very prestigious committees, but wouldn't her true value be better utilized as one of the first officials to see the intelligence reports as they come in? Perhaps if she did the last time, instead of Condi, there wouldn't have been a 9/11. Call me selfish. I want my Hillary to run the foreign relations show, so that I can sleep at night, and through that 3am call. Lrt's face it, our Hillary will win the Nobel Prize should she be given the right to serve. This is one woman who knows how to keep the peace.

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truthisgold said...

Petunia, you are indeed the flower of reason. As a fellow New Yorker, I applaud your common sense and ability to see the long view. Our only hope is having Hillary as Secretary of State; my largest fear, however, [aside from the already materialized, most pressing tragedy of having someone like BO within inches of the White House unless the Supreme Court decides that indeed our Constitution must be upheld], is that, maniacal narcissist that he is, he will again ultimately throw her under the bus like everyone else who comes within a mile of him. As New Yorkers, Americans and Humans, let us pray that she gets and accepts the appointment.