Thursday, September 4, 2008

P.U.M.A aka Palin Usurps Media Aholes

Well friends, it's been awhile. The daily grind of our lives keeps bobbing and weaving whilst the nasty lil folks who inhabit the boxes in our homes keep emitting propaganda signals. After the faux acclamation at the Denver convention, I waited with the millions of "thinkers" in our fine land, for Sen. McCain's veep pick. To not be disillusioned after gag orders were placed on delegates prior to the actual roll call for Hillary, is to be infinitely stupid. I have convinced myself that my synapses fire just fine, so it can't only be me who was filled with revulsion whilst watching Hillary's lil face make her way through the delegate crowd to announce her delegate release. Intravenous venom is too kind a punishment for the corrupt party leaders who led my former party, the democraps, into the abyss. So, who would make headlines? After all, something has to ease the pain of 18 million pillaged voters.

And along came Sarah.

And along came Sarah-gate.

And the perpetrators are the left wing media Obama junkies who fear the maverick choice of a not so well known but very popular Governor of Alaska. Will she garner Hillary's swing votes? Dare I say, Hillary's P.U.M.A voters? Sure, we moderates do not necessarily ascribe to many of Gov. Palin's social stances, but in this time of economic crisis and constant threat of terrorism ( hey, I'm from NY.......don't tell me it's fear mongering), I'm not going to lose sleep over R vs. W, especially when a Dem congress will call the shots. Mind you, their approval rating reminds me of Mayor Guilani's after he married Dame Judy, but all in all, no one is overturning anything. Nice try, MSM. Have any more ammo?

So I reconcile myself to a Romney-less campaign, and come to think of it, does Sen. McCain really need an East Coast elitist? Hope and change ( gag) would require a veep to come out of a pool that has not been polluted. He found her. We waited with great anticipation for the speech that would launch a zillion votes. Babe Ruth pointed to the outfield and slammed a homer for a sick child, because he made a promise. Gov. Palin pointed to the camera with her face and slammed an unsuspecting and unsettling Obama, because she and Sen. McCain are making a promise to protect and defend our great nation. She broke the bat, she rounded the bases, and as she slid into home, the stadium cheered and cried with ebullient tears of relief. SHE IS THE ONE WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Oh, sweet irony.
I will always worship my queen, Hillary of the Rodham Clintons. She has opened the door, awakened a country of sleepy women, and for that she will rise to heights only dreamed of. However, we cannot undo the wrongs, we can only revamp and punish those who committed the atrocities. This one's for you, our Hillary. We give you Gov. Sarah Palin, who found her way into the spotlight due to you leaving the light on for her, and so many others to come.
Take your smears. Sleep with your hatred of strong women. Face the facts.
We gave birth to you, and we're not going silently into that good night.
Yes, we've come a long way baby, but we've still got some miles to go.

Oh fearless Senator from NY, you raised the bar, and Sarah will follow your lead until we see you in your rightful home in 2012. You are our Eleanor Roosevelt, and for that, 51 percent of the U.S. population thanks you. With love.


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