Sunday, June 8, 2008

diary of a foolish chick

act one, scene one: petunia is wild with anticipatory glee. the much heralded announcement of her heroine shall be vying for the title of, first chick prez. can't miss. what's to think about.

act one, scene two: petunia books much sought after room in over-priced washington d.c. hotel. four seasons? how no no, make it a holiday inn. after all, didn't oblahblah once sleep on a cot there? what cool politik chick would miss the inaugural ball? the chick wears black, always. dancing with the stars, the real stars, the fanciful merriment shall be awash with mahtinis and la di da's. two days, one night, sleeping alone, of course, unless a hot lobbyist finds himself without a cause. november, soon enough.

act one, scene three: humdrum. debates. clock stops whilst misogynistic moderators pounce on the girl. no no no, dismissive thoughts. she's untouchable. folly to think otherwise. let the boys play ball. she doesn't bake cookies, ya know.

Coldplay - Politik

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